The #CLEARHeadProject Bootcamp Transforms Aspiring Content Creators, Combating Performance Anxiety And Igniting Creativity


The #CLEARHeadProject Bootcamp, a ground-breaking initiative by CLEAR, the scalp expert brand in collaboration with Watsons Malaysia, has concluded with remarkable success, leaving a lasting impact on the 20 aspiring content creators who participated. The bootcamp, designed to combat performance anxiety and boost performance confidence, has empowered these young talents to overcome their fears of judgment, express their creative potentials, and thrive in the digital world.

“At CLEAR, we’ve identified that over 70% of youth globally experience performance anxiety. The ease of sharing content online and the widespread use of social media platforms to share personal stories have also given many heightened stress to meet certain standards and have allowed more avenues for judgment. This has caused the experience of performance anxiety to surge. We also recognize the mind-body connection. A higher level of stress and anxiety can weaken skin barrier function, which can trigger and worsen various scalp problems such as dandruff and hairfall. These scalp problems can also lead to more anxious feelings and a loss of confidence, compromising one’s ability to perform in life. In knowing this, we set out with a mission to help our consumers break the chain reaction of anxiety and scalp problems, empowering them with a CLEAR HEAD that can boost their confidence to perform in any moment.

This has given birth to the #CLEARHeadProject in collaboration of the Resilience Research Centre, an institution based in Canada. This bootcamp is designed to promote self-efficacy and self-mastery tools to combat performance anxiety and boost performance confidence,” said Natalie Goh, Beauty & Wellbeing Business Unit Lead, Malaysia & Singapore – Unilever.

CLEAR also recognizes that one in every two young people in Malaysia is worried about being judged on social media. With Malaysia ranking second in Asia for youth cyberbullying, the brand also believes this calls for the #CLEARHeadProject intervention. Natalie further emphasized that, “The bootcamp today, with the support of Watsons Malaysia, is a pilot to prove the transformative impact of our #CLEARHeadProject in helping youth reduce scalp-related anxieties and boost their confidence and performance. We have selected 20 aspiring content creators struggling to fully express their creative potentials due to fear of judgment and lack of self-belief. Through expert guidance and support, we hope that these participating content creators will gain the confidence to unleash their unique voices and conquer the digital landscape with their creativity.”


An integral aspect of the #CLEARHeadProject Bootcamp’s success lies in the substantial enhancement of participants’ self-efficacy and confidence levels. Prior to their immersion in the programme, participants underwent an assessment employing the generalized self-efficacy scale (GSE), a 10-item psychometric scale designed by Matthias Jerusalem and Ralf Schwarzer in 1981 to assess optimistic self-beliefs to cope with a variety of difficult demands in life.

Following the bootcamp, the outcome of the participants’ assessments was nothing short of impressive – 95% of participants showed improvements in scores. Notably, more than 75% of those who reported low self-efficacy completed the bootcamp with higher self-efficacy, with an average perceived self-efficacy score of 32 (global averages based on previous studies indicate higher perceived self-efficacy scores to be >30 amongst several international populations)1. True to the bootcamp objectives, 70% of participants reported reduced anxiety, and 95% were empowered with confidence to perform. The outcome from the 20 participants reflect a significant statistical improvement2. These promising results prove strong short-term growth in the observed participants’ capacity to confront challenges, execute tasks, and attain desired outcomes.

This augmentation in self-efficacy extends beyond bolstering their performance confidence; it equips them with the unwavering resilience imperative for navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape. The #CLEARHeadProject Bootcamp, thus, has not only empowered these emerging talents to surmount performance anxiety but has also instilled within them an indomitable sense of self-assuredness, poised to propel them to excellence in their creative pursuits.


During the bootcamp, participants uncovered the interrelationship between their minds and their scalps, learning that stress and anxiety can lead to weaker scalp barriers resulting in problems such as flakes and hair fall. They also learned about physical scalp protection and how to normalize anxiety as a way to reduce associated-scalp problems from within.

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In a series of dynamic activities, participants delved deep into understanding and addressing the root causes of their anxieties. Through guided sessions, they acquired the knowledge and tools to tackle their performance anxiety head-on. Participants also explored personal values and how they could align with their aspirations as content creators. Practical content creation skills were also shared alongside a panel discussion with top local content creators, Ting Shi Qi (Qiwiie), Maggy Wang (themaggywang), Gajen Chandra (Gajussy) and Elyshia Abegail (Abby).   

“I think it’s such a great kick-starter for aspiring content creators. I wish I had a crash course like this when I first dabbled into content creation. Such a great initiative to empower and educate! – Maggy Wang (@themaggywang)

“Social media is a double-edged sword—it can empower or tear you down. I love how this programme helped equip young and upcoming creators to navigate this complex landscape confidently and healthily! We need more wholesome, positive voices online.” – Ting Shi Qi (@Qiwiie)

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“I enjoyed the overall atmosphere and vibe of the bootcamp. I felt comfortable as an introvert there. The sharing session from content creators was interactive and interesting and I was able to learn from them to trust the process and be myself at all times.” – Jia Yu, #CLEARHeadProject participant.

“I enjoyed the personal sharing sessions which allowed us to participate as well as real insights sharing from the content creators. The whole bootcamp taught me the importance of being myself and loving myself at all times. The panellists also showed me that it is important to embrace authenticity and to trust the process.” – Athena, #CLEARHeadProject participant.

For those feeling anxious to stand up in front of others, worrying about judgment and eager to embark on a transformative journey towards confidence-building, CLEAR has kickstarted a TikTok resource hub @Clear.Haircare. Produced in partnership with Resilient Research Centre, followers of the channel will discover the mind-body connection; how stress and anxiety can trigger and worsen scalp problems like dandruff and hair fall.

Over the next month from Dec’23 to Jan’24, followers will be hearing from different experts sharing how to better manage their emotions and build a solid foundation that can boost their performance confidence. Later in 2024, the channel will also feature real stories from celebrities and influencers across the world sharing their ways of overcoming anxiety and boosting their performance in life – inspiring all to take that next step forward and show the world what they too can achieve a CLEAR HEAD confidence to perform in any moment.