The Bee @ Publika & The Last Polka


A while back, someone had mentioned some really good artisan handmade ice cream somewhere in Publika, Solaris Dutamas. She didn’t tell me which outlet had the ice cream as she’d wanted to take me there herself but she never got round to it and I was too curious to wait so on a lazy Sunday afternoon, after lunch at Publika’s food court with friends, I decided to look for the place by just asking the concierge where to find “The Last Polka”. I was pointed in the direction of The Bee which at first I thought was Plan B but it is just The Bee.

The Bee’s menu focuses on breakfasts and brunches which means sandwiches and pancakes although they also have churros.  We zoomed in on The Last Polka ice cream of which there are 2 price ranges with the premium range being pricier (Nutella, Guinness and strawberry cream cheese are in this range).

Now I love gula melaka just as much as any other Malaysian and I was intrigued by salted gula melaka. I thought it might be interesting so that was my choice. The ice cream is creamy and thick but my choice was way too sweet for my taste. It could have been a bit more salty, that would have suited my palate.

The pandan kaya apparently was not as sweet as the rest and it’s brown on the top tier (kaya) and green on the bottom tier (pandan). That would probably be my choice the next time round as I’m averse to ice cream which is too sweet.

We also ordered a stack of buttermilk pancakes to share. I could have done better as it isn’t at all difficult to make pancakes. The pancakes were too dry and there was enough butter on top for just 1 pancake. The butter wasn’t fragrant and there was hardly any honey in between the pancakes.

On their menu, it’s stated that they take their coffees seriously and one of us who ordered the flat white takes his coffees even more seriously and had to return his flat white twice as the 1st two looked like instant coffee lacking the microfoam texture that is the signature element of flat whites. To the credit of The Bee, they didn’t charge for the flat white. Personally, I don’t order coffees anywhere as I’ve found that it’s very rare that anyone can replicate what is available Down Under.