The Beauty Of Cosmeceuticals – From Skepticism To Amazement In Less Than 14 Days


With such a proliferation of skincare products available in Malaysia today, most of us would be looking for skincare that works and works fast. I’m sure no one wants to go through bottles and bottles or jars and jars of the same product in order to see some positive results. Personally, I wouldn’t repurchase the same product if I didn’t see any results after finishing it.

I have always thought of cosmeceutical skincare as a notch above regular skincare because they combine cosmetics and phamaceuticals. They would have biologically active ingredients with medical benefits. As such, they’d be generally pricier than non-cosmeceutical skincare. This beggars the question of why we should switch to cosmeceutical skincare and with this in mind, I accepted the invitation to a presentation on “Beyond The Basics : A New Discovery In Skincare” at the Cosmeceutical Counter, Parkson KLCC a few weeks ago.

There are 4 main brands at the Cosmeceutical Counter, namely Bremenn, StriVectin®, Talika and Perricone MD. Each brand has its signature products and unique selling points. These products have gone through extensive clinical trials and promise to bring proven results with regular usage.

After a skin analysis by one of the consultants, I was given 2 products to suit my skin concerns. At that time, my skin was dehydrated (it always seems to be lacking hydration) and my main concerns were the lines around my neck and Marionette lines. Very unsightly and definitely a clear indication of my age! I have been looking for a solution but hadn’t had much luck in finding one that treated them successfully.

Since my main concern was aging, the 2 skincare products recommended to me were:-

1) Talika Lash Conditioning Cleanser Oil Free.

2) Perricone MD Cold Plasma.

Being a natural skeptic and having used so many products that have promised so much and delivered so little, I was not expecting much from either product I was given for this review. The likelihood was that I’d be disappointed and dismayed.

Talika Lash Conditioning Cleanser is a gel eye makeup remover which conditions lashes as it cleans. Described as “gentle enough for sensitive eyes but powerful enough to take on the toughest waterproof mascara, the Lash Conditioning Cleanser removes makeup while toning and strengthening lashes.”

It contains cornflower extract to tone and refresh the eye area. The star ingredients are the silk proteins which build a defensive barrier around each lash, protecting them from daily environmental stresses. It is said to be the first non-oily makeup remover that can take off waterproof mascara – at the same time, cleansing and conditioning the lashes.

When I was recommended this product, part of me balked at the thought of using a gel eye makeup remover as I am more used to and partial towards watery types of eye makeup removers which is why I also stay away from creamy eye makeup removers.

However, since the Lash Conditioning Cleanser promised to nourish my lashes, I couldn’t wait to try it out. I like the fact that it comes in a pump bottle for easy dispensation. One pump on each side of the cotton pad is all I need to remove the eyeshadow/liner/mascara on each eyelid.

There is an instant soothing and refreshing sensation when the light blue gel on the cotton pad is pressed against my eyelid. It doesn’t sting my eyes and feels like I am applying an eye treatment rather than an eye makeup remover. For those who are familiar with Origins No Puffery™, it’s like applying that on to my eyelids.

As it has such a soothing effect, I like to leave it on each eyelid for a few seconds before swiping it clean and free of makeup. I haven’t used an eye makeup remover as calming to my eyelids as this one. Although pricey, I believe this one can be stretched till a few months’ usage even with daily use as it still looks brand new to me even though I’ve been using it almost everyday for the past fortnight.

Top marks for this one, the best eye makeup remover I’ve used by a mile and a half. Oh yes, you can also use it to remove makeup on the entire face if you don’t have a face cleanser handy. It is quite simply perfect!

Talika Lash Conditioning Cleanser is 100ml/RM110.

My one and only experience with Perricone MD products was when I dropped by at their counter at Isetan KLCC some years ago and obtained some samples which I liked. I have always wanted to find out more about Perricone products as they offer a number of anti-aging products.

Dr. Nicholas Perricone is renowned as a healthy aging expert. He is a certified nutrition specialist, certified dermatologist and author of 5 NY Times bestsellers including his most recent “Forever Young.” He has a 3-tier philosophy with regard to healthy aging:-

The 2nd product recommended for my skin condition is Cold Plasma, a product that addresses the 10 visible signs of aging:-

  • wrinkles.
  • enlarged pores.
  • loss of smoothness.
  • dryness.
  • discoloration.
  • impurities.
  • loss of radiance.
  • uneven skin tone.
  • redness.
  • loss of firmness.

When I read the product description on the box, I had turned into Miss Skeptic. Really? Could this little 30ml jar promise so many things? Okay, just to prove or disprove my theory that it couldn’t deliver, I used more than I’d normally do because I wanted to see if my skin could be transformed within 14 days.

The packaging is very simple and is rather unprepossessing for a product which is more expensive than your average serum, not that this should be considered as a serum. You’re supposed to use this after your toner and then apply your regular serum and moisturiser so this product is more of a treatment than a serum.

What makes Cold Plasma so special then? It’s formulated with a revolutionary ionic suspension carrier system that delivers cellular nutrition to the face for visibly firmer, brighter, smoother and radiant skin. To put it in a nutshell, I think of it as vitamin for the face.

The science behind Cold Plasma is beyond my understanding (I never did like science as a subject, so there!). Cold Plasma is charged by Phospholipids which mimic the lipids naturally found in skin cells which make them compatible with skin. It is this compatibility that allows the quick absorption of nutrients to the skin, maximizing their benefits for unparalleled results. Dr. Perricone has infused this delivery system with a powerful cocktail of nutrients :

Advanced Neuropeptide Technology with powerful anti-inflammatory effects on the skin which can help slow the aging process.

Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) which helps to stimulate nerve function, causing the muscles under the skin to contract and tighten to prevent and reverse skin sagging. Skin looks lifted and firmed in minutes.

L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that helps brighten the skin.

DHA is a powerful essential fatty acid that preserves the skin’s youthfulness, provides superior hydration and prevents future damage.

When I was first introduced to Cold Plasma by the Cosmeceutical Trainer, she told me that it took her some time to get used to the scent as it had a rather fishy smell but when I opened the jar, strangely it didn’t put me off at all, not one bit. So it doesn’t smell floral or aromatherapeutic but it sure didn’t smell rancid or nasty. Sure, there is a mild fishy scent which won’t appeal to everyone but scent is subjective and what may smell too fishy to some may be acceptable and tolerable to others. I wouldn’t have any problems using it straightaway.

Cold Plasma is very fluid, has an even thinner consistency than most emulsions. It absorbs into my skin fast and easily. Upon the first application, I noticed how smooth and soft my skin was. I have not been using a serum over it as I wanted to see how effective it’d be on its own but I have used moisturiser over it.


All very well and good for the first few days of usage, my skin felt hydrated and smooth but I didn’t notice anything major until a week later when my skin looked more glowy, radiant and luminous without make-up. I applied Cold Plasma twice a day from my forehead to my collarbones so I have used quite a lot already within the past 2 weeks, so much so that the jar is almost empty.

When foundation and powder were applied after a week of usage, it enhanced the glow so much that I had to take 2nd and 3rd looks in the mirror after my makeup had been applied. I couldn’t believe it. My skin had never looked this radiant and healthy with or without foundation. I didn’t even need any primers for glow enhancing benefits. Although I don’t have big pores, they looked more refined all the same and I felt like I could go au naturel, sans makeup!

After 14 days of continuous, dedicated and diligent application, there was also an improvement in the appearance of the lines on my neck and collarbone as well as the Marionette lines, especially the deep line on the right side of my face. The lines looked less deep and pronounced, the lines on my neck and collarbones had been smoothened a little. Furthermore, my skin felt more resilient and firmer. The “after” pics above were taken 14 days from 1st usage.

All this within 14 days? I also received 2 compliments on my complexion, rare compliments these days. After all, my spring chicken days are long over and I feel more like an autumn chicken most days! Another surprise is that I have been acne-free since I started using Cold Plasma. I used to have at least an acne a month on my chin area. I can see that my complexion is more even-toned even though I have not been using any whitening skincare.

Cold Plasma is like a miracle cream as it’s completely transformed the texture and appearance of my skin making it look more healthy and youthful. I just wish I had more of it as I never want to stop using Cold Plasma. If I could be addicted to just one skincare product, it’d be Cold Plasma, my youth restorer. Whatever nutrients it contains, obviously my skin loves it. The best transformation of all is that it’s turned this skeptic into a believer!

Cold Plasma is 30ml/RM669.

Note : Products reviewed were courtesy of Luxasia Malaysia.