Taste Enclave @ Pavilion



When I stumbled upon Taste Enclave @ Pavilion, it was about a month old. To locate it is fairly easy as it is just opposite the Pavilion Tower lifts and if you know where Warehouse is, you’ll know exactly where Taste Enclave is situated. First-time visitors to Taste Enclave will need at least 10 minutes’ poring over the extensive menu. By the way, this may look like a food court with individual stalls but it is NOT a food court as your orders are taken and all you have to do is sit back and relax. There’s no need to pace up and down waiting for the food to appear at each stall’s counter. I was quite overwhelmed by the menu on my 1st visit but since I have been back there more times than I can count for breakfast (on weekends) and dinner (on weekdays), I have learned how to navigate the menu but I am far from getting through even a quarter of what they have to offer.

So what does Taste Enclave offer? There’s a café area called Coen where you can also have your meal, it’s an area where you can chill out with friends in the evenings when there’s a live musician from 7pm onwards. The menu is a mishmash of everything from local such as chicken rice, mini wok dishes and claypot dishes to Western to Scandinavian.

Taste Enclave can seat 200 diners with a private dining room for 16 people max. I prefer having my meals at Taste Enclave over Food Republic as  can never figure out what to eat at the latter and prices at Taste Enclave are generally on par for better quality fare.


Swedish Seafood Cake RM20.90 with Shrimps, Salmon and Egg is made with bread and it’s a long process to make it as it’s left overnight in the fridge to marinate. I haven’t had this yet but the salmon used is very, very fresh and I did have a taste of the yummy salmon.


This is melt-in-your-mouth salmon! I could have had the entire plate on my own but I had to share.


This is the house specialty and is apparently very popular even though it’s RM36.90. It is served on a wooden plank.


Now this I what I call value for money as the prata set is just RM4 and the curry and dhal served with it are thick and delicious. If this is not the best value breakfast set in Pavilion, someone please tell me what is. Lots of customers order this especially during breakfast time.


I have been reliably informed that their coffee machine costs RM80k and the only other F & B outlet with the same machine is at JW Marriott. Taste Enclave serves a wide selection of local and espresso coffees including flavoured coffees which are competitively priced.


This is the private dining room which can seat 16 diners. The menu for private dining can be customized according to what the customers want.

For Hokkien mee fans, they have different versions ranging from the regular Charcoal Fried to Mantis Prawn, Oyster and Prawn. If you prefer claypot dishes, there’s Claypot Wax Duck Rice and Claypot Chicken & Smoked Pork Belly Rice. Their Healthy Breakfast Set A which includes coffee/tea, soft boiled eggs & 2 slices of bread is priced at RM7 while the Healthy Breakfast Set B which includes Milo/Horlicks, soft boiled eggs & 2 slices of bread is priced at RM8.

Taste Enclave @ Pavilion is NON-HALAL.


    • Yes, one of those rare places with food court prices and table service. Nowadays food court prices aren’t that low so it’s nice to find a place like this. Hope you enjoy trying the various offerings.