Taste Enclave Classic Pavilion KL



Since Taste Enclave Classic Pavilion KL opened last August, I’ve been a regular customer as its concept appeals to me. The menu is extensive, not limited to just 1 type of cuisine and I have brought friends there who like the comfortable ambiance. There’s live music in the evenings so one can chill out for a couple of hours there after work.

The owner of Taste Enclave Classic and the other Taste Enclave outlets in Avenue K and Sunway Pyramid wanted to create a restaurant offering authentic classic hawker fare and quality cuisine on one platform. I have to say that so far service has been impeccable. It’s prompt even when they are at their most busy during lunch time. If the food or drink has not arrived at my table, there’s always a waiter or waitress who will check my order without me asking them to.

Thanks to food blogger friend Nava K, I was invited for a food review at Taste Enclave Classic Pavilion KL a few days ago. Taste Enclave Classic Pavilion KL has 7 stalls &1 café offering a smorgasbord of flavours and tastes such as Heun Kee Claypot Rice, Xi Qing Mini Wok, Jalan Kayu Prata and Coen Café, the latter offering Italian cuisine. Most of the stalls are equipped with open concept kitchens that enable diners to take a peek at the preparation of their food, if they so wish.

Located on the second level in Pavilion KL, Taste Enclave Classic occupies 6,000 sq. feet and can seat up to 190 diners in the general dining area. There is also a private room that can seat up to 16 people for a more intimate celebration or dining experience. Taste Enclave Classic Pavilion KL is non-halal.


Double Steamed Old Coconut Soup RM13.80

A very fragrant soup because there’s quite a lot of coconut in there but my friend, Nava remarked that it was difficult to chew the coconut. Maybe because it is old coconut and the addition of the coconut is just for flavor rather than consumption?


Double Steamed Lotus Roots & Peanut Soup RM13.80

This should be most people’s favourite soup as you can’t go wrong with Double Steamed Lotus Roots & Peanut Soup and this one didn’t disappoint.


Steamed Preserved Cabbage & Minced Pork Rice RM15.80

A generous chunk of pork on top of rice made fragrant by the pork. This is a hearty dish and the pork is not too salty, just perfect with the rice.


Bak Kut Teh Set (Single) RM25.80

Pork Belly, Ribs & Enoki Mushroom Served with Braised Bean Curd, Fried Dough Stick & White Rice

The Bak Kut Teh soup is not as thick and flavourful as some I’ve had but it passes muster. You can even share this with your dining companion of you are not very hungry. The fried dough stick is addictive with the soup.


Salted Egg Pork Cutlet Rice RM18.80

The best dish served to us is the Salted Egg Pork Cutlet Rice as the sauce is rich and thick and you just want more of it. The cutlet is surprisingly super tender, I didn’t need any effort to chew it. Highly recommend this dish if you are ever at Taste Enclave Classic Pavilion KL.



Roasted Chicken Rice Set RM17.80

Roasted Chicken, Fresh Xiao Bai Chai with Oyster Sauce, Chicken Soup, Chicken Rice, Braised Egg, Braised Beancurd (Vegetable subject to availability)

Roasted chicken with crispy skin and very tender, I liked this set because it has everything. The sauces (chilli and black soy) are simply awesome, so thick and goes perfectly with the chicken. Irresistibly yummy!


Marinara Pizza RM20.80

Seafood, Mozzarella and Tomato

The crust is quite thin and they are generous with the ingredients on the pizza.


Green bean, sweet potato and sago dessert (not on the menu) is not too sweet. I enjoyed this as I love sweet potato and sago though not such a big fan of green bean.


  1. The ba kut teh look really worth it! All the other also has a large portion and the price are really reasonable considering that it is in Pavillion =). Plus it has good service =)