No Sweat With Total Image Smelly-No-More



In our constantly hot and humid weather, body odour is the bane of many people. Have you ever stood behind someone on the escalator or entered a lift only to have to hold your breath for as long as it takes? I have and it isn’t pleasant at all. Some people could do with a good deodorant but having said that, my feet do sweat a lot especially if I wear socks.

So many deodorants available but many of them contain fragrance and alcohol, not to mention harmful or potentially harmful chemicals which can penetrate into our skin. Total Image Smelly-No-More Natural Crystal Deodorant Stick is the most interesting deodorant I have ever come across, it doesn’t look like your typical deodorant. It feels slightly heavier than the average deodorant.

This is a crystal stone deodorant that is derived from pure and natural mineral salts. Pure crystal stone is one of the most effective remedies to get rid of strong body odour naturally. While most commercial deodorants in the market work to either stop your natural perspiration process or to cover the smell with fragrance which makes them less effective in combating the main source of body odour, Total Image Smelly-No-More is said to work faster and better as it inhibits the growth of bacteria which is the main source of body odour problems.


Total Image Smelly-No-More can be used any time you need it but is especially effective after your shower. Wet the top surface of the crystal stone and apply it onto areas that need protection such as underarms, neck, behind the knees, sweaty palms and feet. From my usage of the product, the areas on which it has been applied have remained dry and odour free for hours. There’s no fragrance or alcohol and I can see this product will last months even with daily usage. Also doesn’t contain harmful Aluminium Chlorohydrate.

Comes in 60 grams pack (can last up to 3 months) and 120 grams pack (can last up to 6 months). Suitable for men, women and children. Available at Guardian, Watsons, Caring, Vitacare and all leading pharmacies nationwide retailing at RM16.90/60g and RM24.90/120g..

Product reviewed has been provided by Total Image Malaysia.