Swanicoco Extra Hydrating Swan Cream


dscn99241There are 2 versions of Swanicoco Swan Cream, one in a white jar and the other in a dark jar. They are Intensive Vital and Extra Hydrating Swan Cream respectively. Intensive Vital as a floral scent for oily skin while Extra Hydrating has no scent for dry skin. If we had 4 seasons, Intensive Vital would be used in spring and summer while Intensive Vital would be used in autumn/winter.

As can be expected, the texture of Extra Hydrating is slightly thicker and denser than Intensive Vital. I’d have preferred Intensive Vital even though I have dry skin because I rather like floral scents in skincare products. Swanicoco Extra Hydrating Swan Cream contains more than 10 kinds of plant extracts, among them aloe vera, hyacinth and lactobacillus.

As Extra Hydrating Cream is quite thick, I only need a bit and it absorbs into skin quickly without any sticky sensation. While it is hydrating enough, it doesn’t soften my skin as much as the last moisturiser I used.

Product reviewed is a press sample