Suu Balm Kids For Fast & Easy Eczema Relief For The Little Ones


dsc_4709These two products are all kids need if they are suffering from eczema and can’t stop scratching. The products combine Suu Balm’s head-to-toe body wash – the Suu Balm™ Kids Dual Soothing & Moisturising Head-to-Toe Wash along with Suu Balm’s fast itch-relieving moisturiser- the Suu Balm™ Kids Dual Rapid Itch Relieving & Restoring Ceramide Moisturiser.

Step 1 : Cleanse

Suu Balm Kids Dual Soothing & Moisturising Head-to-Toe Wash is a gentle, soothing formulation that’s safe for everyday use on kids and babies with dry, sensitive or eczema prone skin.

• Formulated by the Singapore National Skin Centre (NSC)
• Ingredients specially and carefully selected by Dr Tey Hong Liang, a senior dermatologist who runs the ‘Itch Clinic’ at the NSC
• Contains 5 moisturising ingredients, including rich shea butter and sodium hyaluronate
• The absence of parabens, preservatives and artificial fragrances makes this product suitable for all skin types

Step 2 : Moisturise

Suu Balm Kids contains a specific ingredient to provide rapid itch relief for kids – menthol – which acts by cooling the skin, and triggering receptors in the nerves in the skin, blocking the transmission of itch signals to the brain. At the same time, Ceramides help in restoring the skin’s moisture.

• Menthol for fast, cooling itch relief and Ceramides to restore skin moisture
• The absence of steroids makes this product suitable for all skin types