Sunway Malls Rings In The Year With Dragon’s Blessing, An Auspicious Lunar New Year Celebration

Centre Managers group photo with dragon Head
Centre Managers group photo with Dragon Head

Sunway Malls ushers in the auspicious Year of the Dragon with the Dragon’s Blessing Lunar New Year celebration across its malls, inviting each shopper to embrace a world of fortune and enchantment as each mall transforms into a vibrant dragon palace, promising abundant blessings and prosperity to all throughout the festive season.

From now on, all Sunway Malls will be adorned with vibrant decor and a palpable air of prosperity. Shoppers will traverse palace grounds, immersing themselves in the enchanting palatial surroundings that echo with the promise of abundant blessings.

Dragon’s Blessing decor at Sunway Pyramid LG2 Orange Concourse

Each mall will be guarded by a unique dragon symbolising specific blessings. At Sunway Pyramid, the resplendent Gold Dragon stands tall, a harbinger of good fortune, promising a year filled with luck and prosperity for all shoppers. Meanwhile, at Sunway Velocity Mall, the ensemble of five lively red dragons arrive to bring wealth, while the water dragon at Sunway Big Box Retail Park embodies peace. Sunway Putra Mall’s earth dragon ensures excellent output and abundance. Finally, at Sunway Carnival Mall, the wood dragon signifies Spring, new life, and prosperity.

The grand launch event at Sunway Pyramid was graced by HC Chan, CEO of Sunway Malls & Theme Parks, marking the beginning of our festivities. Accompanied by the resounding beats of traditional Chinese drums and the vibrant spectacle of lion and dragon dance performances, the event symbolised the ignition of the Dragon’s Blessing, casting a radiant glow across the year ahead for our shoppers.

“As a mall group, Sunway Malls is fortunate that due to its numbers, we are able to amplify the festivity to the communities across three regions – Northern, Central and Southern” shared Chan.

Auspicious Dragon Rdemption

At Sunway Pyramid, the LG2 Orange and Blue Concourses in partnership with Aeon Credit Service will host a series of engaging activities every weekend throughout the campaign, featuring Dragon Hour, where shoppers can receive prosperous rewards from Sunway Pyramid’s mascots Leo and Leona, and the God of Fortune, ‘JinYeYe’. Shoppers can enjoy drum performances, traditional Chinese, lion and dragon dances along with a special edition of the dragon and lion dances on 11 February at 3PM by the main entrance, marking the ‘Chor 2’ of the Lunar New Year celebrations. Shoppers can also further immerse themselves in the essence of the festival by dressing in traditional Chinese costumes for photos, participating in Hand Fan Painting and Chinese Mask and Dragon Head workshops, and enjoying the festive bazaar by beloved brands like Lo Hong Ka, Jaya Grocer, Eu Yan Sang, and more, creating unforgettable memories.

PerformanceDetails (Time, Date, and Location)
Dragon Hour1PM @ Orange Concourse 13 and 20 Jan
Dragon Dance3PM @ Orange Concourse 20 Jan, 27 Jan, 10 Feb, and 11 Feb (3pm @ main entrance)
Drum Performance3PM @ Orange Concourse 14 Jan, 21 Jan, and 4 Feb
Acrobatic Lion Dance4PM @ Blue Concourse 20 Jan, 27 Jan, 10 Feb, and 11 Feb (3pm @ main entrance)
Dance Performance5PM @ Orange Concourse 27 Jan
Festive BazaarChinese Calligraphy @ Orange Concourse Extension Traditional Snacks @ Orange Concourse Extension Lo Hong Ka @ Orange Wing Jaya Grocer @ Blue Concourse Eu Yan Sang @ Blue Concourse Rimba @ Blue Concourse Souper Tang @ Blue Concourse Mahnaz Food @ Blue Concourse Emerald Brilliant @ Blue Concourse
WorkshopsHand Fan Painting @ 12PM Onwards 14 Jan, 20 Jan, 21 Jan, 27 Jan, 4 Feb, 10 Feb, and 11 Feb   Chinese Mask & Dragon Head Workshop @ 2PM 14 Jan, 21 Jan, 27 Jan, 4 Feb, and 11 Feb *RSVP for the Chinese Mask & Dragon Head Workshop is required through the Sunway Malls App.

Shoppers who kickstart the Lunar New Year by spending in the mall will have the opportunity to redeem exclusive gifts, including the Dragon’s Blessings Angpow Set, Lo Hong Ka Fortune Gift Set, and the Cosmic Cookware Cosmo Casserole.

No. of ReceiptsSpendingRedemption Item
2*RM350 (RM250 for Aeon Credit Cardholders) and aboveDragon’s Blessings Angpow Set
2*RM1,500 (RM1,400 for Aeon Credit Cardholders) and aboveLo Hong Ka Fortune Gift Set
2*RM5,000 (RM4,900 for Aeon Credit Cardholders) and aboveCosmic Cookware Cosmo Casserole

*Minimum spend of stated number of receipts. All redemptions are available on a first come, first served basis.

Sunway Malls also extends the vibrant festivities to Sunway Velocity Mall, Kuala Lumpur; Sunway Big Box Retail Park, Johor; Sunway Citrine, Johor; Sunway Carnival Mall, Penang; Sunway Putra Mall, Kuala Lumpur; and Sunway Giza Mall, Kota Damansara. Each mall offers an array of lively activities, including traditional performances, redemption booths, handicraft workshops, and Chinese New Year festive markets. Moreover, shoppers preferring the convenience of home shopping can partake in Sunway eMALLs Dragon’s Blessing sitewide promotion campaign, ensuring that the festive spirit reaches every corner.

Sunway Pyramid (until 12 Feb)Dragon Hour for shoppers to receive prosperous rewardsDragon dance, drum performance, lion dance, dance performance, and all-day tenant events ready for shoppers to immerse themselves in the festivitiesHand Fan Painting and Chinese Mask and Dragon Head workshops
Sunway Velocity Mall (until 25 Feb)‘Blessing Kaw Kaw’ CSR effort fulfils shoppers’ wishes, spreading abundant happiness Auspicious Dragon Redemption featuring the Roaring Lucky Draw – Festive booths offering Chinese New Year goods from festive cookies to traditional wear like the ‘Cheong Sam’ Weekly lion and dragon dances, God of Fortune appearances, weekend performances, artist meet & greets and exciting workshops
Sunway Big Box Retail Park & Sunway Citrine (until 25 Feb)Festive market showcasing handicrafts by JARO Volunteer, supporting the disabled community Redemption booth for shopper rewards based on spending Lion Dance performances, God of Fortune meets, handicraft workshops
Sunway Carnival Mall (until 19 Feb)Chinese New Year festive market with hampers and cookies for gifting Traditional Chinese performances, lion dances, God of Fortune meets, handicraft workshops Redemption booth for shopper rewards based on spending
Sunway Putra Mall (until 18 Feb)Good Fortune festive market featuring household décor, fashion, shoes, and bags for a stylish New Year Lion and dragon dances, Chinese martial arts performancesDragon beard candy making and “ting ting” candy making workshops Redemption booth for shopper rewards based on spending
Sunway Giza Mall (25 Feb)Lion dances, encounters with God of Fortune on selected weekends, and enjoy essential shopping delights at the festive bazaar
Sunway eMALLDragon’s Blessing Sitewide Campaign Promo code ‘DRAGON5’ for 5% OFF digital products Promo code ‘DRAGON8’ for 8% OFF non-digital products

Stay tuned for an immersive celebration near you as Dragon’s Blessing brings a year brimming with abundance and joy! Explore a treasure trove of deals, offerings, and an array of delights from your beloved brands across every category at Sunway Malls.

Visit Sunway Malls’ official website for more information on Dragon’s Blessing.