Sungei Wang Plaza Organises Inaugural “Toy Collectors Exhibition”


dscn97661Sungei Wang Plaza is calling out to fans and lovers of Statues, Action Figures and Prop Replicas from popular movies, comics and television. The Sungei Wang Plaza Inaugural “Toy Collectors Exhibition” is this weekend of 25 and 26 March 2017.

Following the successful toys and hobbies themed events and activities at Sungei Wang Plaza such as Anime Fiesta and KL Comic Week in 2016, the first toys and hobbies themed event for the year is the “Siperheroes Comic Art Fair 2017” which began earlier this month on 6 March until this weekend at the Concourse.





At the “Toy Collectors Exhibition” are more than 200 rare and limited edition collectibles such as various Superhero Characters, Prince of Persia, Indiana Jobes, LaraCroft, DC Universe classic collection, Star Wars, Japanese Manga Action Figurines, Weapon Replicas, Diorama Kitbash. Recycle Modeller and many more.

There will also be a Toy and Collectibles Auction abd all visitors are welcome to participate in the auction. This is a first of its kind auction for rare statues and exclusive figurines such as Star Wars live action statues, DC Universe classic collection, Marvel’s legend action figures, MC Farlene and Transformers. Bidders will have a chance to take home rare prized items that are exclusive and difficult to find anywhere else. There will also be a Lucky Draw and mystery prizes worth RM5,000 to be given away.