Sungei Wang Plaza Halloween Treats : 9D Cinema



Friday was an interesting day as I joined a group of bloggers and media on a Halloween Treats tour of Sungei Wang Plaza. Now I have been a frequent visitor to this mall for decades but I realized that I hadn’t been to every nook and cranny of Sungei Wang Plaza and I discovered shops I didn’t know existed but have been there for years.

The morning started with an introductory speech by Ms. Yuen May Chee, Complex Manager of Sungei Wang Plaza who said the objective of this unique initiative was to showcase and promote the unique tenant mix in Sungei Wang Plaza.


Our 1st stop at Sungei Wang Plaza on this Halloween Treats tour was the newly opened 9D Cinema on Level 3. It’s only a month old which explains why I didn’t notice this the last time I was on Level 3. Equipped with the latest technology and special effect machineries, the 9D Cinema delivered the maximum viewing pleasure and fun to all the participants.

We were strapped to motion simulator seats and in case you are wondering what’s the difference between 3D and 9D, in the 9D experience, the seats move and you can even experience a roller-coaster ride but during our 9D Halloween movie in which we were floating along with all the ghastly creatures of the night and shooting at them (we score points), we felt gusts of cold air, droplets of water and bubbles. It was kind of surreal and it really felt like we were part of the movie.

Seats lift, drop and sway with 360-degree movement. You might even get to experience lightning, snow falling, smoke and fog depending on the movie chosen of which there are over 200 choices at this must-visit cinema. Maybe in a movie set in the Jurassic era, you might even experience a dinosaur’s breath.