Sulwhasoo Renodigm EX Dual Care Cream


Renodigm EX Dual Care Cream

Last month, AMOREPACIFIC had a team from Korea over here to explain an innovative skincare from Sulwhasoo to members of the media and bloggers. The Sulwhasoo Renodigm EX Dual Care Cream is an anti-aging day cream which functions to protect the skin from the damaging effects of sunlight and heat while at the same time maintains its youthfulness. ‘Dual Care’ refers to the care and protection it provides for the skin from the light and the heat.

The Renodigm EX Dual Care Cream has a strong UV protection of SPF30 PA++ and TPF40 that protects the skin from heat-induced damage due to external heat or stress. It is an all-new approach to anti-aging coupled with UV and infrared ray protection that is essential for the hot weather. The Cream is targeted at women from their mid-20s to their late 30s.

Although sunlight and heat are key causes of skin aging, day time anti-aging care is often neglected. According to Sulwhasoo’s 10 years of research, skin that is constantly exposed to heat is prone to chronic redness and dryness resulting in the formation of fine lines and loss in skin elasticity. Based on the studies, the average temperature of our skin is approximately 31°C but it could reach 41 to 43°C when exposed to the sun. Skin above its optimum temperature is affected internally and externally. Heat stimulation on the skin does not only cause discomfort and irritation, it increases collagen decomposing enzymes that reduces firmness, forms wrinkles and increases the size of blood vessels causing severe redness.


Mr. Jeong Hon Choo (Mark), Senior Associate of AMOREPACIFIC’s Asian Herbs Cosmetic Research Team was present to explain the effects of heat on the ageing process and the science behind the Renodigm EX Dual Care Cream. AMOREPACIFIC’s patented Thermal Protection Factor (TPF) is included in the Renodigm EX Dual Cream to effectively protect our skin from heat. TPF is an index that shows the amount of blocked heat energy (%). Renodigm EX Dual Care Cream has TPF40, which means it provides 40% protection from external heat. The study shows that it is ideal to keep skin temperature 5°C lower than the body temperature. Sulwhasoo, together with Professor Jung Jin-ho’s Dermatology Team at Seoul National University jointly developed TPF that ensures ‘heat balance’.

Applying Renodigm EX Dual Care Cream will regulate temperature rise on the skin, consequently preventing skin aging from heat exposure. Renodigm EX Dual Care Cream also treats and reduces skin redness caused by internal and external heat. Elasticity and moisture is restored to the skin as well.


Renodigm EX Dual Care Cream contains the following Korean medicinal active ingredients:-

Cypress Polysaccharides : Protects skin from external heat

  • Highly resistant to heat, it secretes quality polysaccharides that protect the skin from irritation and inflammation
  • Only winter polysaccharides are used due to the viscous texture which forms a protective layer over the skin and protects against external heat such as infrared rays and UV rays
  • Known as a remedy to relieve fever in Korean herbal medicine

 Steamed Prunus Mume : Controls Internal Heat

  • Prunus Mume is steamed using Sulwhasoo’s Poje Method to enhance efficacies
  • Cools internal heat and sensitive skin

Korean Red Ginseng : Anti-aging

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles caused by heat
  • Boosts collagen production
  • Rich in anti-aging properties

Sulwhasoo Renodigm EX Dual Care Cream comes in a 50ml pump bottle and retails at RM430. Although the texture appears to be quite thick, it blends well and I didn’t find it took time to absorb into my skin. It has a nice, mild herbal scent and it hydrates my skin well. It’s good that the SPF is quite high, it’s sufficient to use this Cream alone (without sunscreen) if you are spending most of the time indoors.