Storm Eye Starring Yang Mi And Vin Zhang – Trailing A Spy


storm-eye-featured-1It takes a lot of people to track down and corner a spy, as seen in new Chinese drama “Storm Eye”. The leads are Yang Mi and Vin Zhang in the roles of An Jing and Ma Shang respectively. Both were high school classmates until one day, An Jing disappeared without a trace. Ma Shang spent 3 years looking for her. When they meet again in Shangqing City, Ma Shang is a national security agent while An Jing is local team leader of the city bureau tracking down a spy whose mission is to steal industrial secrets, specifically the top secret research of Huading Group.

There’s a lot of technical jargon in this drama and I had to put my thinking cap on which was a bit stressful because I like those dramas where I don’t have to think much! Ma Shang has to co-operate with An Jing to track down the spy and his accomplices. Ma Shang makes the acquaintance of the spy on the flight to Shangqing City. An Jing sends instructions to the trackers following the spy in Shangqing City.

The title of this drama “Storm Eye” is the name of the agents’ mission.