Spoilt For Choice Of Mille Crepes At Vanilla Crepe


20220728_192455If you love cakes and who doesn’t, then you would be familiar with the taste of mille crepes which has a different texture and taste than other types of cakes. Biting into a cake consisting of multiple layers makes a big difference. At Vanilla Crepe which has 23 outlets in Malaysia, their crepe cakes are made out of 30 layers.

Recently, I bought a piece of tiramisu crepe (one of their bestsellers) from Vanilla Crepe @ MidValley and I was not disappointed as it has the perfect level of sweetness and it was really nice. It tasted fresh and I did have a hard time choosing because they have so many flavours. According to their website, there are 23 flavours.


20220728_19242220220728_19240620220728_19234320220728_19233320220728_19221720220728_192247Each piece is RM15 while the whole cakes are priced at RM140. The outlet at MidValley is rather small, only 2 tables. They have bigger outlets at other malls. Mille crepe cakes at cafes are around RM15, some priced even higher.