Softymo Lachesca Oil Cleansing



Softymo Lachesca Oil Cleansing is a Japanese cleansing oil for deep cleansing pores. It has a blend of artichoke and peppermint extracts for moisturising and tightening as well as gentle fruit acids for softening keratin plugs. It’s probably suitable for sensitive skin or people who don’t like scents in their cleansers as it’s fragrance-free.

The oil is quite thick and concentrated so two pumps is enough for me to cleanse my skin of make-up. It works to cleanse stubborn make-up like foundation. However it didn’t leave my skin feeling as smooth as Shu Uemura cleansing oils which is like the yardstick for cleansing oils but then this one is hardly as pricey as the Shu oils.

Softymo Lachesca Oil Cleansing retails at RM59.90/230ml.