Soap & Glory You Do The Bath



Sometimes when I hang around KLCC people watching, I see ladies with ginormous Sephora bags walking around and inevitably the contents are those beautiful Soap & Glory Holiday sets. One thing is for sure, Soap & Glory sets are eye-catching and make the most marvellous gifts as you don’t even have to gift wrap them and they already look fantastic.

One of the Holiday sets this year is Soap & Glory You Do The Bath You Do The Bath (who comes up with such memorable names for their products?) which consists of:-

  • FOAM CALL™ Dual-Use Shower & Bath Body Wash
  • BUTTER YOURSELF™ Five Fruits Super Rich Smoothing Body Cream
  • Bath Sponge


FOAM CALL™ and BUTTER YOURSELF™ together with PULP FRICTION™ form the 3 products in Soap & Glory’s Fruitigo Bath & Body Collection. FOAM CALL™ comes in a 500ml flip-top bottle (if you purchase it individually, it comes in a pump bottle). If you can’t do without a thick and foamy shower wash, this one fits the bill perfectly as you only need a bit to produce enough lather for your entire shower, provided you use it together with the bath sponge.

The scent is lovely as it’s ultra-fruity, contains notes of frozen yuzu, orange oil, green fig and jungle pomelo essence. The bathroom smells great after my shower. To ensure the scent lasts longer on skin, I layer on BUTTER YOURSELF™ Body Cream after my shower. It feels so luxurious and because it is so thick and creamy, a little goes a long, long way.

FOAM CALL™ retails at RM49/500ml while BUTTER YOURSELF™ retails at RM58/300ml but if you bought this set at RM92, you’d save RM15.

Soap & Glory You Do The Bath™ has been provided by Sephora for review.