Sizing Up Samples : Shiseido Cleansing Foams


My very first counter brand cleanser was Shiseido’s UV Perfect Cleansing Foam which has been discontinued a long time ago. The entire UV Perfect range was replaced by the current White Lucent range. Having used cleansing foams from many brands, I think that Japanese cleansing foams are generally the best as they produce a lot of foam.

There are 2 cleansing foams in The Skincare range – Extra Gentle and Purifying. From the name of the latter, I believe Purifying Cleansing Foam is for oily skins. The White Lucent range only has 1 cleansing foam which is Brightening Cleansing Foam W.

The Skincare Purifying Cleansing Foam contains purifying granules which are very small to be of much use for exfoliating. I can feel them against my skin but I don’t think I can skip exfoliating if I am using this cleansing foam.

One of the nicest features about Shiseido cleansers is the scent and the Purifying Foaming Cleanser smells fantastic. A small amount will produce a lot of lather. It’s very effective in removing all traces of make-up and leaving skin squeaky clean and soft.

White Lucent Brightening Cleansing Foam W has a creamier texture and feels more luxurious (I believe this one is more expensive than The Skincare Purifying Cleansing Foam so it should feel like a more expensive product) than Purifying Foam.

The foam produced is thick and this is one of my favourite foaming cleansers because I love foam, the more the better. I don’t see much of a brightening effect after it’s been rinsed off though. Other than that, it’s a very effective cleanser which also leaves no make-up residue.

The Skincare Purifying Cleansing Foam retails at RM110/125ml.

White Lucent Brightening Cleansing Foam W retails at RM140/125ml.