Sizing Up Astalift Cleanser Samples



Astalift belongs to the FUJIFILM Group of Companies which is why it comes as no surprise that the brand’s objective is to help women be photogenic which translates into healthy, luminous skin. They have 4 types of cleansers in their anti-ageing range – cleansing gel, cleansing oil, liquid soap and moisture foam.

I had 2 sachet samples of their Cleansing Gel and Moisture Foam. I tried the Moisture Foam first and even though I know it’s recommended to be used as the 2nd step of cleansing, I wanted to see just how effective it’d be in removing make-up.



The Moisture Foam contains super anti-oxidant Astaxanthin and hydro-soluble Collagen for softer, brighter and more radiant skin but one sachet won’t produce these results. It does foam up a lot especially with the aid of a Facial Wash Net. The foam is luxurious and so very soft but not surprisingly, it does little to remove make-up. There was still plenty of make-up residue left after the foam had been rinsed off.


For removing make-up, the Cleansing Gel definitely worked very well. This one also contains Astaxanthin and hydro-soluble Collagen. It felt really good massaging the gel on to my skin as I could feel that it was removing every trace of make-up. I liked this cleanser much more than the Moisture Foam.