Sisley Confort Extrême Day Skincare


dsc_1964Sisley Confort Extrême Day Skincare  is a rich and creamy nourishing product designed for dry, very dry, and sensitive skin. Plant extracts (Solanum, Shea butter, and Phytosqualane) stimulate lipid production (in vitro tested) and reinforce the skin barrier while promoting the skin’s hydration. Woodmallow and Linden blossom extracts make skin feel more soft and comfortable immediately. This product is ideal for chronic or temporary skin dryness.

dsc_1965It’s creamy but not thick, it’s easily absorbed into skin and has high nourishing, hydrating and softening properties. As soon as you apply this, you will appreciate why it’s been formulated for dry and very dry skins. It has a scent one associates with luxury skincare brands.