Shu Uemura Eyeshadows #825 & #471


These are the 2 eyeshadows I picked up at the launch of Shu Uemura’s new eyeshadows and blushers at MidValley Centre Court last week. I was just going to take one (the one on the right) when I spotted the beige, the two seemed to make a nice combination, both are metalic.

#825 is the beige which is in the highlight (light) category while #471 was the “love at first sight” eyeshadow and it’s olive-silver. Colour pay-off is superb and they are long-wearing shadows which don’t crease, budge or fade all day.

Being a highlighter, #825 can be paired with most darker eyeshadows. If you apply the shadows with fingers, the colour goes on more intense/stronger. Use an eyeshadow brush if you want a more sheer effect and to build up colour gradually.

My only complaint about the eyeshadows is the severe reduction in quantity. While the improvement in quality is commendable, the eyeshadows are now 1.4g/RM60 compared to 2.1g/RM65 previously. You’ll be told they eyeshadows are now cheaper (true) but bear in mind that you have to fork out for the casings.

Of course, one can opt to do without the casings but when you purchase 2, as most people do (I presume), you’d want a proper casing. The 2 shadow casing costs RM28 so when you add that to 2xRM60 eyeshadows, you’re going to have to fork out a total of RM148. The one shadow casing costs RM15 and quad casing costs RM50.

Granted the previous casings (for both eyeshadows and blushers) were crappier than crap while the new casings are of much better quality even if they are made in China (so cost of manufacturing should be downright low) but I find the eyeshadows cost more now in the long run since we’re getting two-thirds of the quantity previously but definitely not at two-thirds the price previously.

Some may think the quality of Shu’s new eyeshadows justifies the price. After all, MAC eyeshadows are 1.4g only and cost the same (could be more now with the recent price increase). I only realised the drastic reduction in quantity after I purchased the eyeshadows. It might have influenced my decision to purchase. Even though the casings are refillable, it will be a long period before I refill but I won’t be purchasing any more in Malaysia.

I will regretfully not be purchasing any more Shu Uemura products in Malaysia from henceforth. It has nothing to do with the quantity of the eyeshadows or the service from their Beauty Stylists which has always been excellent.

Sometimes a mediocre brand has such excellent PR that it makes you forget about the mediocrity of the brand and sometimes it’s the other way round, an excellent brand has such mediocre PR that it makes you forget about the excellence of the brand.

That being said, I will continue to bring you news of any latest products and review Shu Uemura products based on samples. The reviews will be unbiased, impartial, fair and honest but I will be spending on Shu Uemura overseas.