Shopee Captures Midnight Shopping Demand At 4.4 Mega Shopping Day, Sees 6 Times Spike In Items Sold At 2-hour Midnight Mega Sale



E-commerce platform Shopee recorded a successful first 4.4 Mega Shopping Day. At the Midnight Mega Sale from 12am to 2am, 6 times more items were sold on Shopee compared to an average day. Across the region, users also enjoyed non-stop entertainment with 80 million plays on Shopee’s in-app games and 32 million minutes watched on Shopee Live on average daily.

On 4 April, Shopee’s regional 4.4 Mega Celebrity, MAMAMOO, also captured the hearts of millions of fans and users with exclusive performances of their latest hits ‘Hip’ and ‘Egoistic’ on Shopee Live.

Shopee unlocked new growth opportunities for its premium brand partners at the first Shopee Premium Brands Festival. Across the region, more consumers turned to Shopee Premium for the first time, with 4.5 times more orders recorded at the festival than in the week leading up to it. In Malaysia, Shopee Premium brands saw a strong uptick in demand throughout the campaign period, with Elizabeth Arden, Laneige and L’Occitane among the most popular. Top products include sleeping masks, beauty serums, and fashion apparel.

Ian Ho, Regional Managing Director of Shopee said, “We are very pleased to see the strong performance of our first 4.4 Mega Shopping Day, as we bring users the excitement of our signature shopping events all year round. Shopee is constantly ahead of evolving consumer trends in the market, and the Midnight Mega Sale and Premium Brands Festival are a few of the many ways we innovate to meet the needs of our shoppers. We are grateful for the unwavering support by users, sellers, and brand partners at our first big shopping event of the year, and will continue to bring greater value to all shoppers while helping brands and sellers accelerate their growth on Shopee.”

Highlights of Shopee 4.4 Mega Shopping Day in Malaysia

In Malaysia, 4.4 Mega Shopping Day delivered great value to shoppers through unbeatable deals from a wide range of brands and sellers. Malaysians took the chance to fulfil their essential and household needs with Home & Living, Health & Beauty, Groceries & Pet Products as well as Electronics emerging as most popular categories on 4 April.

  • Home & Living: Parents sought to purchase stationeries for their children with over half a million units sold, in preparation for the reopening of schools this week. 
  • Health & Beauty: Shopee saw a comeback of surgical face mask demand with more than 5.7 million pieces bought, as Malaysians prepare to return safely to offices at full capacity following the Government’s removal of the 30% capacity rule in offices nationwide.
  • Groceries & Pet Products: Household supplies recorded an unexpected surge in sales with an uptake of over 24,000 units of mosquito repellent, likely due to the current hot weather in the country. 
  • Electronics: Shoppers bought products to refurbish and clean their living spaces at 4.4 Mega Shopping day, with more than 12,000 orders for vacuum cleaners purchased from brands like PerySmith, Xiaomi and Airbot. Mobile and gadgets also saw strong demand, with POCO recording more than 14,000 units of smartphones sold on 4 April where shoppers got to enjoy up to RM200 discount on the phones.