Shiseido Revital Celebrates 30 Years


Shiseido’s anti-aging range, Revital celebrates its 30th Anniversary this year. It was launched on 28th June, 1981, incorporating Shiseido’s patented Amino Acid Gel Emulsification technology and becoming the first cosmetics line in history to focus on amino acids and their vital function in the skin.

Revital targets the three main signs of aging – sagging, wrinkles and dullness. The Revital White range was launched in 1982, combining the moisturising function of amino acids with ingredients to help repair damage caused by UV Exposure.

The Revital Wrinkle Lift Essence was introduced in 1993 andwas the first skincare treatment in the world to stably incorporate Pure Retinol in the form of a cream. Revital Whitening Serum AA EX was launched in 2010, a high performance anti-aging serum.

This year, Revital Lifting Mask Science EX was launched and it happens to be the favourite product of Shiseido’s spokesperson, Michele Monique Reis who is 41 years old this year but who can believe that? She still looks super gorgeous and has such beautiful skin. She doesn’t look a day over 35, for sure.

Michele says “The new mask is different from masks I’ve experienced before, because it’s not so much about relaxing or moisturizing but a more functional mask that helps to correct your skin and face line. While I’m wearing the mask, I can feel my face being drawn up more firmly. And after I use the mask, my skin is so smooth, like it’s been polished and it is full of moisture. It made me really happy to look in the mirror the next morning and feel like my whole face became more youthful”.

Review on the mask will be coming up soon. Meanwhile, here are more photos of the incredibly youthful, breathtakingly beautiful Michele:-