Seoul Hot, So Korean: DubuYo Takes You On A Flavourful Journey

Halal Korean dishes @ DubuYo

DubuYo, Malaysia’s beloved Halal Korean restaurant is set to tantalise taste buds with the launch of its new seasonal menu, Seoul Hot Ramyeon! Available in stores nationwide from 4 June until 22 September 2024, this new addition promises an irresistible blend of creamy and spicy flavours, taking patrons on a flavourful journey to the heart of Korea.

Malaysians have long been captivated by Korean culture, particularly its cuisine. In response to this growing demand, DubuYo has crafted a seasonal menu that captures the essence of Korean cuisine – a bowl of perfectly cooked ramyeon immersed in a creamy, spicy broth topped with a savoury braised chicken roll and braised egg. Each bite is a harmonious blend of flavours, complemented by the hint of seaweed, sweet corn and tofu.

DubuYo Seoul Yam Uyu & Seoul Hot Ramyeon

Wong Kah Yong, Chief Executive Officer of DubuYo Sdn Bhd highlighted the evolution of Korean food in Malaysia, noting its broad acceptance and adaptation. He underlined that DubuYo sets itself apart by providing a variety of Halal Korean dishes with a twist, ensuring every customer enjoys their meals without compromise.

“With the rising popularity of Korean food, we’re dedicated to introducing a variety of Halal Korean food with a twist to ensure that DubuYo exceeds our patrons’ expectations and to avoid being typical. While Korean cuisine is widely prevalent, DubuYo strives to present a contemporary and wholesome approach to Korean dining,” Kah Yong added.

Complementing the Seoul Hot Ramyeon as a side is the Seoul Yam Uyu, a delightful drink that blends sweet goguma (sweet potato) and creamy milk with passion fruit boba pearls. This refreshing beverage perfectly complements the rich flavours of the ramyeon.

“We’re committed to delivering an unmatched dining experience, blending signature dishes and urban Korean favourites to transport you to the vibrant streets of Seoul with every bite. Every dish is carefully curated using selected ingredients to maintain authenticity. We aim to continue bringing more delightful and innovative dishes to our customers, keeping the soul of Korean dining alive and dynamic,” Kah Yong concluded.

For over a decade, DubuYo and its self-service counterpart, DubuYo Mini, have been delighting patrons nationwide with appetising Korean dishes across 34 outlets. Derived from the name “Dubu” (tofu), their signature menu is one of the most favoured Korean dishes, the Soondubu Jigae. In addition to this iconic dish, DubuYo offers a variety of Korean specialities, including bibimbap (mixed rice), pa-jeon (Korean pancake), ramyeon, and Korean fried chicken, providing a diverse culinary experience beyond the typical Korean BBQ.

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