Sawasdee-khrap Sabai-arom



While it’s nice to see international big name beauty brands popping up on our shores, it is equally delightful to see niche brands made available. I have often wondered why despite our proximity to Thailand, we don’t have as many Thai beauty brands here as Korean ones. You’d think there’d be a lot more Thai beauty brands given the fact that Malaysia is connected to Thailand and goods can be brought overland, hence cheaper transportation costs which converts to savings for the consumer, no?

So I was wandering around The Curve and as I walked towards Watsons, what do I see but the newly opened Sabai-Arom? It’s a cozy little outlet which sells bodycare such as handmade soaps, body lotions, hand creams etc. The aromas are fruity and floral and there are some unusual scents such as Rose de Siam, Tamarind & Honey, Siamese Blossom and Zesty Star Gooseberry.

Their Happy Rice Collection combines  three local organic rice varieties plus pure Sesame oil and organic green bean. It has the aroma of rice, jasmine and mint. It’s a very unique scent. It’s rare to see rice incorporated into beauty products but I think some Korean brand such as The Skin Foods has also done so?


The brand was founded in 2004 by two Thai women. Sabai-arom, in Thai, means ‘Simple Pleasure and Contentment’. That’s certainly how I felt when I saw and touched the products. Prices are generally very reasonable and affordable. Ingredients are from local herbal plants grown by artisan farmers.