Savour Delightful Sweet Treats At Marina Bay Sands


Chocolate Paradigm_a

Chocolate Paradigm

Even those of us who don’t have much of a sweet tooth will stop and stare at desserts as beautiful as those created by Marina Bay Sands’ Executive Pastry Chef Ryan Witcher and his team. They look too good to be devoured. I’m sure I’d keep them in the fridge for a few days before eating them or take plenty of photos if I was lucky enough to have just one of these incredible looking desserts.

Gone are the days when desserts are as simple and uncomplicated as an ice-cream cone. Designer desserts are all the rage now and these sweet temptations are presented in such exquisite artsy manners that they are pleasing not only on the palate, but are also a vision to behold.

The Chocolate Bar Strawberry-Basil Truffle Pops

 Strawberry-Basil Truffle Pops

The multi-coloured palette of macarons served in SweetSpot at Hotel Lobby Tower 3, Marina Bay Sands present perfectly baked petite morsels that delight with every bite. Choose from unassuming flavours of Milk Chocolate and Vanilla to more adventurous and tangy ones of Raspberry and Passionfruit.

For something a little out of the extraordinary, take a bite into Sweetspot’s whimsical signature cakes – Yuzu Kiss, a lime breton with Yuzu crème and toasted meringue, Orange & Thyme, a hazelnut meringue sponge cake with Mandarin-orange crème and a delicate White Chocolate-Thyme Mousse and Chocolate Cherry Alúre, a chocolate cake lavished with a blend of chocolates, tea and cherries.

Phantom Masquerade Chocolate Gift Set by SweetSpot

Phantom Masquerade Chocolate Gift Set by SweetSpot

Paying homage to the West End hit The Phantom of the Opera which is playing from now until 1 September 2013 at the MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands, SweetSpot presents the Phantom Masquerade Chocolate Gift Set. Price at S$56 nett, the set features an exquisite chocolate sculpture of the Phantom’s signature mask, a candle and rose, delicately decorated with cocoa butter and pralines. Theatre goers will be able to enjoy a 10% discount on the set when they present The Phantom of the Opera ticket stub at SweetSpot.

SweetSpot prides itself on creating all its bread, pralines and desserts by hand, through the dedication and passion of its talented team. Over 80 different types of exquisite desserts and pastries, artfully crafted pralines and freshly baked breads are available daily.

The Chocolate Bar Botanica


The Chocolate and Cheese Bar is another must-visit dessert lounge at Marina Bay Sands. Every night at 8.00pm, The Club at Sands Skypark on Level 57 transforms into a chocolate and cheese haven. At S$48++ per person, the bar offers an endless chocolate and cheese spread so tantalising that one will return time and again for their sweet and savoury fix. Guests can also opt for the cheese bar only at $20++. For a more luxurious experience, diners can top up with wine pairing at $19++ or $27++ for 3 glasses of wines.

Let Marina Bay Sands’ Executive Pastry Chef Ryan Witcher and his team take you on a journey of textures and tastes, with new techniques and surprising pairings to intensify the creamy fragrance of milk chocolate, white chocolate and the bittersweet taste of dark chocolate. Begin your chocolate experience with the Strawberry-Basil Truffle Pop, a delicious lollipop made from wild strawberries, hand-picked basil and milk chocolate that is certain to bring out the inner child. The Rosemary-infused Milk Chocolate and Caramelised Pineapple proves that sweet and savoury can go well together, while the Botanica is a tribute to Gardens by the Bay – a Sicilian Sáble baked with fresh raspberries, topped with white Chocolate-Marigold Whipped Ganache and sprinkled with an edible flower.

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