Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Review : Part I

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5’s compactness is one of the best features

For the purposes of expediency, I have to separate the review of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 into 2 parts – the 2nd part being about the camera as I haven’t had time to edit all the photos I took at an awesome location yesterday.

Anyway it’s about time I posted something about this phone as I’ve had it close to 3 weeks but only started taking some really nice photos a few days ago till yesterday hence I didn’t have enough time to edit all the photos for this review.

My first impression of this phone is that it’s so compact when folded, fits neatly into any pocket with room to spare unlike the non-fold phones which may be poking out depending on the depth of the pocket, risking the phone falling out when I sit down. At just 187g, the phone is very light. The dimension is 165.1 x 71.9 x 6.9 & when folded, it’s 85.1 x 71.9 x 15.1. This is the thinnest Galaxy Z Flip ever, with a Flex Hinge that has made the device 2mm thinner compared to the previous generation.. 2nd impression was that it charges really fast and the battery is long-lasting especially when I don’t use it much. The 3,700mAh battery now lasts longer and supports Super-Fast Charging (it’s true!).

It looks great when placed on the table
The back of the phone

Of course the design is so cool especially when the phone is folded and placed on the table. It looks so much better than the non-fold phones which have to be placed flat on the table when you watch videos and placing it this way makes taking selfies easier with the self-timer.

There’s only 1 thing I didn’t like about the phone but it’s a minor issue which is outweighed by the other features. It’s that the phone (with its uber glossy surface) is a fingerprint magnet as my fingerprints are all over the front and back screen.

Flex Window
Access calendar and more on Flex Window
Take Selfies via FlexCam on the Flex Window

The Flex Window has been upsized from the previous generation and is now 3.78 times larger. This Flex Window is 3.4 inches. A bigger Flex Window means you can access more of your favourite widgets without having to open your phone. If you are always listening to music on the go, you’d be glad to know that the Media Controller now allows you to control your music playback right from the Flex Window. You can also enjoy watching YouTube videos from your Flex Window, making it so much easier while travelling, especially in crowded trains or buses.

The Flex Window also gives you access to widgets such as Weather and Stock Market, and a new popular favourite – Direct Dial! Now you won’t have to flip your phone open to call your friends because all you’ve got to do is tap your favourite contacts from the Flex Window and connect with those closest to you.

For music lovers, you can also seamlessly connect your Galaxy Buds2 Pro via the widget on the Flex Window. Just a few swipes and you can vibe out to your favourite tunes. And if you are not up for scrolling through the widgets, simply activate the Multi Widget View by pinching the screen and view all the widgets at a glance.

Need to discreetly send an important text message during a meeting? Or perhaps you just enjoy the convenience of responding to messages without opening your phone? Now you can do so directly from the Flex Window as it offers you a full QWERTY keyboard while having visibility of your chat history. The previous generation of the Galaxy Flip allows you to reply with preset responses from the Flex Window, but now, you are free to express yourself with no limitations.

You can also access important features such as Wi-Fi, airplane mode, flashlight and your Samsung Wallet from the Flex Window. Designed to make your life easier, all you have to do is swipe up, and you can make the necessary payments, or access your membership cards and more, from your Samsung Wallet.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is available in Mint, Cream, Lavender and Graphite, colours inspired by nature. Add an extra pop of personality to your device with exclusive urban colors you can only find on Gray, Blue, Green and Yellow.

My next review of this phone will focus on the photos taken with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 camera. Stay tuned!