Sally’s Room Soy Candle


dsc_2039I can’t remember how I received one of Sally’s Room Soy Candles, Marry Me (Jasmine Tea and White Peach) but I am glad I have one as it smells so nice. All scented soy wax candles at Sally’s Room are handmade using 100% natural soy wax, which is a type of vegetable wax derived from the oil of soy beans. The oil is first extracted from soy beans and put through a hydrogenation process which hardens the liquid soy bean oil into solid wax.

dsc_2040The best thing about having a soy candle is that soy candles are proven to burn slower than conventional candles, so you get your money’s worth. Other than Marry Me, there are some interesting scents in Sally’s Room Soy Candles such as Virgin Island Water (Citrus Cocktail & Ginger), Bed Of Roses (Fresh Cut Roses & White Musk), Scandinavian Woodlands (Pine Cones & Fir Balsam).