Sagano Restaurant @ Renaissance KL



There’s something very serene about dining in a fine Japanese restaurant, there isn’t the hustle and bustle that one normally associates with a Chinese restaurant. I like the fact that portions served are small without compromising on the quality of the food. Again, here’s the difference between a Japanese and Chinese restaurant. While Chinese restaurants serve dishes in relatively large portions, Japanese restaurants serve up sushi and other offerings plated exquisitely and individually.

During my stay at Renaissance KL 3 weeks ago, I could hardly believe it when I was invited to join the hotel’s GM and his management team for dinner at Sagano Restaurant, one of the participating restaurants at MIGF. Of course I’d love to meet the GM and his team! That would be the highlight of my stay.


We had pre-dinner drinks and canapes at Mezzo. The hotel GM, Mr. Robert Frager is Austrian and has been the GM at Renaissance for well over a decade. He has considerable experience in the hospitality industry in Malaysia and is one of the warmest and most welcoming people I have ever met, his handshake is testament to that! A lot more people should learn to shake hands like him.

The dinner menu is all about fresh seafood.




Tokobetsu Junmaishu Ichinikura Karakichi – served cold

Raw scallop & seabass with octopus, Mizuna and Yuzu dressing

Chef Rock’s “Signature” Sushi Platter

Every morsel on the sushi platters was exquisite, seafood so fresh that they hardly required chewing, simply melted in my mouth. The flavours came together so beautifully and the presentation of both platters is a feast for the eyes.



Imo Ishino Kurachara Sochu – served hot

Chef Awie’s “Signature” clear dashi broth

Soup so wholesome, clear and hearty that I slurped up every drop as well as the wonderful seafood and mushrooms in it.



Futsushu Hakutsuru – served hot

Cod, Mackerel, Seabass, Lobster Teppanyaki

Hokkai Scallop Trilogy – grilled, tempura, glazed

I only have a photo of the Teppanyaki platter as I was so taken by the Hokkai Scallop Trilogy that I completely forgot to take a photo of it. I only remembered that I had forgotten after I’d swallowed the last of the scallop! Everything in the mains was so good, the flavours have the right balance.



Grand Finale

Chocolate Green Tea Croquant

Selection of Mochi

Best green tea with chocolate cake ever! The cake isn’t heavy and just exquisite. The mochi selection has green tea, peanut, strawberry paste and bean paste fillings. These desserts complete an unforgettable Japanese fine dining experience.