Safi Rania Gold Facial Cleansing Gel



Although I have seen the Safi Rania Gold products in drugstores often enough, I have never used any of them until I received a sample of the Facial Cleansing Gel which is as gold on the inside as it is on the outside. It’s a shimmering gold gel which is rather nice to look at because it looks more expensive than it actually is.

I like the scent, kind of floral but not overwhelming. It isn’t too runny either, an ideal consistency. It lathers up fast and there’s quite a lot of foam. It removes every trace of powder/blush/foundation without too much of a drying effect on my skin.


P1200755(1)I know that the brand’s target market is Muslims as it has “halal” status. I like this cleanser and would purchase the full size product. I believe it’s worth whatever the price is which would be reasonable RM14.50 for 100gm and RM8.90 for the smaller size (thanks to reader Yue Rain for the info!).


  1. A friend of mine really like this range especially the serum and cleanser. Oh oh, now I remember her face became fairer and cleaner. Okey hate it when everything looks tempting *panic* hahaha