RVB Skinlab Diego Della Palma Cell Detoxium Purifying Clay Mask



I have never heard of this brand or come across it whether online or IRL so I can’t tell you anything about it other than my experience with this mask which came in a 10ml sachet in last month’s Bag Of Love. This is a purifying clay mask so I guess it’s formulated for oily skins although dry skins can also benefit from such masks especially when there’s an acne outbreak.

It’s creamy and smells like those masks used only during facials. In other words, it smells expensive and expensive it is because this one sachet costs RM29,90. It’s apparently for single use but at such price, it’s better to stretch it out as much as possible and this sachet has taken me to 4 applications.


I’m supposed to leave it on for 10 minutes during which time it doesn’t thicken or harden like some other clay masks so my skin doesn’t feel any drying or tightening effect. My skin seems to have absorbed most of the mask during the 10 minutes and after rinsing off, my skin feels very soft and smooth.