Reskin Anti-Wrinkle Snail Ampule & Cream


It seems that just about the whole world knows about Gangnam in Seoul thanks to a certain song that’s become a phenomenal success. Well, what has Reskin Anti-Wrinkle Snail Ampule & Cream got to do with that affluent shopping hub in Seoul, you might wonder. It so happens that the company that distributes Reskin has its HO in Gangnam, I kid you not. Hmmm…..I think it’s time to pay them a courtesy call, maybe next year.

Reskin Anti-Wrinkle Snail Ampule & Cream seems to cater to just about every skin concern. Just look at the product description on the inside of the box:-

According to the product description on the Reskin website, the anti-wrinkle ampule (serum) contains snail slime to calm red and sensitive skin, tighten pores and calms trouble-prone skin to brighten dull and blotchy complexion while leaving the skin supple and firm. The serum wasn’t as slimy or sticky as I expected. It has a clear light and very fluid texture which actually absorbs into my skin quite fast.

The product description on the Reskin website states that the snail cream contains highly-concentrated snail slime extract that protects and repairs damaged skin by strengthening the skin barrier. Plant ingredients prevent moisture loss and leave the skin firm and supple.

The Snail Cream is creamy but not thick. Despite the concentrations of snail slime in this moisturiser, I wouldn’t have guessed it had snail slime in it since it isn’t at all slimy like the Snail Ampule. I haven’t had any major improvements in skin tone and texture since using these products. I don’t find them hydrating enough. Perhaps they are more suitable for oily skins.

Both products are 30ml, this set retails exclusively at Sephora at RM487. They are also available individually – the Snail Ampule is RM343 while the Snail Cream is RM269.

Reskin Anti-Wrinkle Snail Ampule & Cream Set has been provided by Sephora for review.