Rash Medication Tried & Tested


dscn98012The past few days have been rough as I have developed rather severe rash on my limbs and there’s such intense itch. I wanted to visit my skin doctor but he is closed till Friday so I’ve been trying over-the-counter antihistamines such as Telfasy, Aerius and most recently, Xyzal.

I thought Telfast would work as this was the med I was on prescribed by the skin doctor when I had my last bout of ash a few years ago but nope, this time it did little to alleviate the inflammation so I tried a stronger antihistamine and more expensive too, Aerius. All these serve to block histamine in the body which are produced during an allergy.

dscn97992After having gone through a week of this horrible skin condition, I can truly emphatise with those who have even more serious skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and rosacea. It’s really depressing to see those red lumps which just won’t go away despite all kinds of meds. As a last resort, I am trying Xyzal. According to the pharmacist, different people react better to certain kinds of meds so Telfast and Aerius may work on some people but not necessarily on me.

So far I have taken 2 doses of Xyzal, it works better when I am asleep. I can see that the rash has subsided in the morning but not gone away completely. I am hoping that the rash will disappear entirely soon. I’ve also been trying all sorts of oils and creams for itch relief, the best one is still the cream I got from the skin doctor, that one is the most effective.

Note : The above is not intended to endorse or recommend those drugs. Please seek the expertise, skill and knowledge of professionals in medical care.