QV Face Purifying Mask


dscn97661Occasionally, it’s a good idea to use a clay mask to rid skin of impurities and draw out excess sebum especially in my T-zone area and chin as those are the oily areas. QV Face Purifying Mask has a gentle kaolin based formula that removes dirt and excess oil. Safflower oil adds moisture while Vitamin E has anti-oxidant properties.


The mask dries within 10 minutes of application and I just wash it off with a sponge. Reveals a complexion with more clarity and doesn’t dry out my skin. QV products contain no fragrance and common irritants. This 10ml tube is part of a QV travel pack I purchased.


  1. This drugstore brand is quite famous in Australia, as almost all pharmacy in Australia carry this brand. I didn’t really pay attention to this until I came back from Australia recently. Perhaps the packaging itself is too simply compare to others and they usually at the bottom of the rack.
    Happy to see this good review, will certainly prompt me to buy in future.

    • True, it is very famous in Australia and is a good brand for sensitive skins. So far all the other QV products I have used are comparable to more expensive non-drugstore brands.

  2. I bought the baby range for my newborn. Going to try it out soon. If not mistaken, i remember the sales person says it is available in the Guardian and Caring pharmacy.