My Puttu Breakfast



A few weeks ago, I was having lunch at my favourite Indian restaurant in Bangsar Baru ((I am there several times a month) and I noticed a tray of white and brown cylindrical “swiss rolls” only of course, they are nothing like Swiss Rolls. I asked the manager of the restaurant about the items and he patiently explained that the white ones were made of ground rice while the brown ones were made of wheat flour.

I must admit this was my first taste encounter with this food, better late than never. I’d seen the Indian patrons of this restaurant eating it but not he non-Indian patrons. Intrigued, I brought home the brown puttu which can go with grated coconut or curry. The puttu is steamed in a special cylindrical or dome shaped puttu maker.

Once cut, the puttu is quite crumbly and I combine it with the grated coconut otherwise it tastes bland. I understand that this is a favourite breakfast food in Southern India especially Kerala and Sri Lanka. It’s very filling and this “roll” can be shared with someone. It cost RM2.50 which is very affordable.




  1. I do eat putu when I was younger but I don’t really like it. I do like some of their Indian sweet dishes. Very sweet indeed. There is this one which I love but i don’t know the name. It look like egg yolks and comes with syrup. Have you ever tried the ‘candy’ made from coconut?