Pupa Sport Addicted Fixer : What We All Need To Make Makeup Sweat-Proof


dscn94341I’m not sure how many ladies here wear makeup when they go to the gym, jog or play sports. If I was doing any exercise, I don’t think I would wear makeup because it is unsightly to have foundation and powder streaking down my face but with Pupa Sport Addicted Fixer, I believe that anyone can wear a full face of makeup while exercising or playing sports.

Pupa Sport Addicted Fixer is an innovative water-based texture that is lightweight and fresh. It leaves an imperceptible film that fixes makeup in a single step. I sprayed it over my face after applying makeup and put it to the test. While waiting in the car without the air-con on, I always break out in a sweat but sure enough, my makeup was held in place when I’d sprayed on the Fixer. An effective product for fixing makeup, something we all need whether or not we are playing sports because in this humid weather, a sweat-proof makeup fixer is a must!

Retails at RM99 and available exclusively at Sa Sa stores.