“propFEST2024” Charity Bazaar To Be Held On January 6th And 7th Aiming To Surpass The Fundraising Target Of RM200K

All volunteers continue the spirit of propFEST

All volunteers continue the spirit of propFEST

Following the success of ‘propFEST2023’ Charity Bazaar, propBUDDIES will be organizing ‘propFEST2024’ Charity Bazaar on January 6th and 7th, from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM, at Aurora Place Bukit Jalil. This event is set to exceed the fundraising target of RM200,000.

This event is co-organized by The Brandlaureate Education and Pertubuhan Amal THZ, and will support 20 beneficiary groups, aiding 390 orphans and transforming them from being viewed as social problems into social pillars.

Stable Lai, initiator of “propFEST” Charity Bazaar stated that charity also needs revolutionary change
Mani Khoo, president of ‘propFEST2024’ Charity Bazaar, stated that the event aims for ‘zero cost’ to maximize donations

“Charity needs revolutionary change,” said initiator Stable Lai . “Through propFEST, we break conventional charity thinking. Beyond donations, we assist orphans with interactive parent-child games and children’s financial literacy courses, fostering their independence. We’re also fortunate to partner with Adventist Community Services for monthly guidance post-event, ensuring beneficiaries’ sustainable growth.”

Remarkably, propFEST2023 reached its target of RM100,000. The next event aims to double this for beneficiary organizations.

Mani Khoo, president of “propFEST2024” said, “This event continues the spirit of ‘zero-cost’ to maximize donations. A children’s market will also be set up to teach kids business skills.”

From Left)Dr Jest Wong, vice-president of ‘propFEST2024’ Charity Bazaar; Mani Khoo, president of ‘propFEST2024’ Charity Bazaar; Master Huat, founder of propBUDDIES; Macc Kuek, founder of MQ Miracle Sdn Bhd; Paul Choo, vice-president of ‘propFEST2024’ Charity Bazaar ; Yoong Kin Hoe; Crystal Lim; Stable Lai, initiator of “propFEST” Charity Bazaar
On January 6th, in partnership with Starz Galaxies, a ‘Charity Children’s Talent and Singing Contest’. (Second from right ) Mea Long, founder of Starz Galaxies

The organizers specially signed an MOU with MQ Miracle Sdn Bhd founder Macc Kuek, “propFEST2024” Charity Bazaar vice-president Paul Choo and Starz Galaxies founder Mea Long, to express their gratitude for their staunch support of the event.

Additionally, in collaboration with the National Blood Centre of Malaysia, a blood donation drive will be held at Aurora Bukit Jalil on both days, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

On January 6th, in partnership with Starz Galaxies, a ‘Charity Children’s Talent and Singing Contest’ welcomes children under 12. Participants can win the title of ‘anTNERGY Ambassador,’ becoming exemplars of kindness in society.

We invite everyone to join this meaningful charity market, contribute to society, and bring hope and change to orphans.

For more information, visit their official website www.antnergy.club and their Facebook page ‘PIFPTY Movements”.