Professional-Grade Stylers From Amika


Top – Pink Cheetah, Bottom – Sultry Lace

Amika has all the hair tools a girl needs to look glam and gorgeous ranging from statement stylers to curlers, oil treatments to nourishing masks. Amika stylers put innovation, expertise and self-expression at your fingertips. Amika tools come in a range of bold, high-design patterns (I noticed one of the contestants on Project Runway using an Amika styler) adding an extra dimension of style.

The print designs on the stylers have to be seen to be believed. There are animal prints, lace patterns and the colourful Oliphica print. The stylers are Amika’s answer to flat irons. They have incorporated professional-grade technology. Developed with 100% ceramic plates (not just a thin coating like other tools) Amika stylers feature far infrared heat which seals moisture in the hair shaft and protects the cuticle from damage while softening strands and locking in colour.


Amika’s Signature Oliphica Print

The unique “floating plate” design means that the ceramic plates flex with the movement of the tool, allowing you to glide the tool over hair without tugging or breaking. I couldn’t believe how different this one felt on my hair compared to my old hair straightener which I’d purchased from my neighbourhood hair dresser. With the old one, some hairs would inevitably come out when I pulled but with the Amika Oliphica, it was so smooth and there wasn’t any hair fall-out at all. Unbelievable!

You have to adjust the temperature by turning the dial on the inner part of the handle. It’s not that cumbersome and you won’t get your fingers burnt. I reckon wouldn’t have looked as nice if the dial had been placed on the outside. The “ON” and “OFF” switch is also on the inner part of the handle.

The floating plates also enable you to create waves, curls, flips, volume and more although I haven’t been that adventurous yet. I’d love to be able to create waves and curls. Love this styler to bits, it’s beyond beautiful.

Amika stylers are available exclusively at Sephora at RM350.

Note : Amika Ceramic Oliphica Styler has been provided by PR for review.