Pretz N’ Beanz Café IPC Shopping Centre



Whenever I visited IPC Shopping Centre, one of my regular stops would be at Chilla Cup for their all-day breakfast but recently, the café has undergone a rebranding. It’s now known as Pretz N’ Beanz with a new menu (the all-day breakfast remains) and a focus on everything pretzel. Here, you can indulge in pretzel pizzas and pretzels with sweet and savoury fillings. Of course, they also specialize in good coffees, hence the name “Pretz N’ Beanz.” Their outlet at IPC Shopping Centre is actually the 2nd outlet, the 1st Pretz N’ Beanz is at SOHO Mont Kiara in a very bustling area.

Nowadays we see many cafes in town offering unique food. I guess one has to stand out from the rest which offer sandwiches. When it comes to pretzels though, I’ve never been one to seek them out but they seem to be popular with locals judging from the queue that gathers around one pretzel outlet in KLCC especially on weekends. I was game to see what Pretz N’ Beanz had to offer. Besides, it is always interesting to learn something new about food.


Besides the hot beverages, Pretz N’ Beanz offers blended juices such as Super Charge @ RM12.50 which consists of watermelon, lemon and orange, this one is on the sour side. I could taste more lemon and orange than watermelon. There’s also Lemon Breeze (apple + lemon + honey) & The Paradise (apple + orange), these are also RM12.50.


Cheesy Chilli Chicken Pretzel @ RM12.90 has a generous portion of cheese, you can see it oozing out of the pretzel. Despite the name, it isn’t that spicy. I think that even kids won’t find this one too hot for their palate.


The Apple Cinnamon Pretzel @ RM10.90 is a good tea time snack or for that matter, any time of day as one can never go wrong with the apple cinnamon combination.


The Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel @ RM5.90 is big enough to be shared between 2 people. It’s deceptively simple, delicious in its simplicity.


For those who like a bit of herb in their pretzel, try the Basil Cheese @ RM6.90.


The Pepperoni Beef Pretzel Pizza comes in 2 sizes – 7″ @ RM15.90 & 10″ @ RM21.90. The crust is thin and I have to say making pizzas with pretzel dough is quite ingenious. Pretz N’ Beanz are daring enough to put forward food that has never before been introduced to our local market and it works.


The Hot Pepper Chilli Chicken Pretzel Pizza also comes in 2 sizes – 7″ @ RM14.90 & 10″ @ RM20.90. This one is mildly spicy and bursting with flavor.


The Prawn Aglio Oglio Spaghetti @ RM26.90 is not too spicy but I thought it was kind of average in taste.


Sambal Seafood Spaghetti @ RM26.90 is SPICY! Now this one should have the spice factor toned down a little as it just overwhelmed all other flavours. It’s fried with spicy sambal paste with kalian and yellow onion, served with prawns, mussels and white squid. The squid was too chewy, I couldn’t bite into it.


Caramel Butter Toasted Bread @ RM13.90 was topped with caramel sauce, whipped cream and cinnamon powder. The amount of whipped cream is generous beyond any doubt. An amazingly satisfying dessert and one that will tempt me into visiting Pretz N’ Beanz again as the toasted bread with the rest of the ingredients is memorable.

Pretz N’ Beanz Café IPC Shopping Centre is THE complete Pretzel café where pretzels feature as starter, main course & dessert.