PIXY Glowssentials Series Available Exclusively In Watsons

(From Left) Ms Caryn Loh, Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia; Mr Dexter Lee, President of Mandom Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

PIXY was well-known as a cosmetic brand in the past. However, they have now embarked on a new direction to establish ourselves as a beauty brand. As part of this transition, they are proud to introduce their very first mass skincare line, the PIXY Glowssentials series.

Available exclusively at Watsons, the name “PIXY Glowssentials” is derived from the combination of the words “glow” and “essentials.” We believe that when our skin is healthy and protected from bacteria and free radicals, it not only appears bright but also radiates with life and a natural glow. The PIXY Glowssentials series is a daily facial skincare range that has been specially formulated with Natural Vita Complex. This unique blend combines “Superfruit” extracts and essential vitamins to nourish the skin cells in the epidermal layer, promoting a healthy, vibrant, and radiant complexion.

“We are grateful to be able to launch PIXY Glowssentials series in Watsons. As we all know, Watsons is rated as Asia’s No. 1 Drugstore / Pharmacy, we have trusted and valued Watsons’ support for the brand. As of today, we have expanded to more than 700 Watsons stores nationwide and available via online. Now, I am excited to announce the new skincare series of PIXY – the Glowssentials range, our very first mass skincare series!” said by Kyohei Yoshioka, Assistant General Manager of Mandom Malaysia.

“One of the key features of the PIXY Glowssentials series is its lightweight formula, which absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving a sticky residue. The formula has undergone rigorous clinical testing to ensure its efficacy and safety. Moreover, we have designed the line with a practical and multi-functional approach, allowing consumers to effortlessly incorporate it into their daily skincare routine. Additionally, we understand the importance of halal certification and have ensured that all our products comply with halal standards and are free from alcohol”.

(From Left) Mr. Thoren Tan, Trading Director of Watsons Malaysia; Ms Caryn Loh, Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia; Mr Dexter Lee, President of Mandom Malaysia Sdn Bhd; Mr Yukata Kobayashi, Executive Director of Mandom Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

PIXY Glowssentials series is divided into 2 ranges as below:

1) Light Radiance: Targeted towards women aged between 20 and 30 years old who are seeking skincare products with natural ingredients to maintain the health and glow of their skin, and desiring a brighter appearance. The main function of this product is to brighten the skin. For the Light Radiance variant, the formulated ingredients include Mulberry fruit extract, Vitamin B3, and Provitamin B5.

a) PIXY GLOWSSENTIALS LIGHT RADIANCE MULBERRY INFUSED MICELLAR WATER (145ML) – RM15.90 – Micellar Water to clean from makeup, dirt and excess oil thoroughly without rinsing. A light texture and are not sticky so that it is comfortable on the skin.

b) PIXY GLOWSSENTIALS LIGHT RADIANCE SOFT & BRIGHT WHIP FOAM (60G) – RM7.90 – Face cleanser with soft whip foam to clean from makeup residue, dirt and oil for soft, bright and glowing skin.

c) PIXY GLOWSSENTIALS LIGHT RADIANCE SMOOTH & BRIGHT PEEL-OFF MASK (60G) – RM12.90 – Peel-Off Mask to remove dirt and dead skin cells for smooth, bright, and glowing skin. – Contains Witch Hazel Extract to refresh skin and help pores appear smoother.

d) PIXY GLOWSSENTIALS LIGHT RADIANCE TONE & BRIGHT CREAM (20G) – RM12.90 – Natural Vita Complex & Instant Brightening Effect: Instantly brightens skin tone naturally, reduces the appearance of dark spot and acne scar, even – out skin tone. – UVA/UVB Filter: Protects skin from UVA/UVB ray.

e) PIXY GLOWSSENTIALS LIGHT RADIANCE VITAMIN INFUSED BRIGHTENING MIST (60ML) – RM12.90 – Face Mist that is suitable for all skin types to instantly moisturize and refresh. – Can be used as a Hydrating Toner before applying moisturizer or when the skin needs freshness and moisture.

2) Pollution Off: Targeted towards women in the same age group who are concerned about the effects of pollution on their skin, the Pollution Off series is formulated with natural ingredients and antibacterial properties to maintain their skin’s health and radiance. The main function of this line is to protect the skin from environmental aggressors. With Kiwi fruit extract, Vitamin E, and Provitamin B5 as key ingredients, carefully formulated to shield the skin and promote its overall well-being.

a) PIXY GLOWSSENTIALS POLLUTION OFF DEEP CLEANSING FACE WASH (60G) – RM7.90 – Face cleanser to clean pollutant particles and impurities deep into the pores of the face for smooth, bright and glowing skin. – Contains activated charcoal to moisturize, nourish and helps absorb dirt into the pores of the face. – Antibacterial Agents to fight bacteria and keeps skin clean.

b) PIXY GLOWSSENTIALS POLLUTION OFF CLAY + SCRUB FACE MASK (60G) – RM12.90 – Clay + Scrub Face Mask to remove dead skin cells and pollutant particles and helps absorb excess oil for face looks bright, fresh and glowing. – Contains Bentonite Clay to help moisturize, nourish and helps absorb excess oil and removes dirt residue on the skin. – Natural Crushed Apricot Seed: Removes dead skin cells for smoother and softer skin.

c) PIXY GLOWSSENTIALS POLLUTION OFF ALL-IN-ONE GEL MOISTURIZER (100G) – RM17.90 – Multifunction Gel Moisturizer from natural aloe vera to protect skin (face & body) from sun ray and pollutant like dust, smoke, and impurities.

d) PIXY GLOWSSENTIALS POLLUTION OFF SUNSHIELD DAILY MOISTURIZER (20G) – RM12.90 – Face mist to protect skin from sun ray and pollutant like dust, smoke, and impurities. – Can be used as a Hydrating Toner before applying moisturizer or when the skin needs freshness and moisture.

e) PIXY GLOWSSENTIALS POLLUTION OFF VITAMIN INFUSED PROTECTING MIST (60ML) – RM12.90 – Daily moisturizer with UVA/UVB Protection (SPF30 & PA+++) to protect skin from sun ray and pollutant and impurities. Light, non-sticky, and fast absorbing.

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