Philips Easy Natural Curler



As someone with seriously frizzy hair unless I undergo the arduous and time-consuming process of rebonding, I have always admired those with iron-rod straight hair. However occasionally (albeit these being rare occasions) when I get my hair curled, the look is glamourous and I wonder why I don’t just get my hair permed.

Isn’t it nice to go from straight hair to curls whenever you want and not having to go to the hairstylist to do so? Well now everyone can have easy curls with Philips Easy Natural Curler. With its unique Tulip shape, the Easy Natural Curler enables women to create natural and effortless curls in just one simple step. The curler uses innovative clip and curl plates to automatically clip and hold the lock of hair while styling, allowing women to curl their tresses with just one hand, even at the back of the head.

The styling plates are designed to prevent accidental brushes and burns to the hair. reduce hair damage, the plates are coated with protective ceramic to ensure even heat distribution for shiny and soft hair. The plates can only be heated to a professional temperature of 200°C to further minimise hair damage. It only takes 30 seconds for the Philips Easy Natural Curler to be ready for use and is suitable for short, medium and long hair lengths. Its light, compact and easy-to-use design makes it easy for women to carry it in their handbags while on the go for a quick and easy hair fix.




after curler

This is a very light device and it’s really easy to use as long as you divide your hair into sections so that each part of your hair gets curled. I went to my hairstylist to try it out the first time because I don’t have clips to divide my hair into sections. This is necessary if you have long and thick hair.

All you have to do is clip a section of hair, roll the hair over Philips Easy Natural Curler and stroke down. It doesn’t dry out my hair and it’s not too hot to handle. Beautiful, soft and glamourous curls can be created in little time with Philips Easy Natural Curler!

The Philips Easy Natural Curler is available at major electrical and departmental stores and at a recommended price of RM169. For more information please visit

Philips Natural Curler has been provided for this review.