Overview Of MAC Holiday Collection


Glamour Daze Holiday Colour

It’s a little bit daunting doing an overview of MAC’s Holiday Collection simply because it consists of several mini collections with the main part being Glamour Daze Holiday Colour which also happens to be my favourite part of the Holiday Collection. The highlight of the Holiday Collection for me is the Extra Dimension eyeshadows making a comeback. I think that the quality of the Extra Dimension eyeshadows is far better than the eyeshadows in their Holiday Eye Kits/Holiday Face Kit/Eye Look Bags. It was definitely easier to get a good swatch of the Extra Dimension eyeshadows than the eyeshadows in the aforementioned kits and bags.

The other part of the Holiday Collection I liked was the Brush Kits because they come in lovely pastel colours. I am sure that if I purchased a Kit, it would take me months before I’d actually use the brushes. I’m one of those people who stash away products like these for a long time without using them.

I am not so enamoured with the packaging of the palettes because although they are cute and nice to look at, I find them quite bulky and yes, I know they are designed to look like classy clutches but they take up too much space in my already limited space drawers and cupboards. The Extra Dimension eyeshadow shades appeal to me more than the eyeshadow shades in the Holiday Eye Kits/Holiday Face Kit/Eye Look Bags.

Let’s take a look at some of the products in the Collection:-

Fabulousness : 5 Smoky Eyes, 5 Neutral Eyes, 5 Warm Eyes RM195

Primped Out Lip Look Bags Lavish Coral/Luxurious Pink RM165

Primped Out Perfectly Plush Bush Kit Mineralize/Essential/Advanced RM268

Extra Dimension Skinfinish Whisper Of Gilt/Superb RM115

These are very creamy and will add some shimmer and luminosity on high panels of the face. Use sparingly, these will go a long way as you need so little for some effect.

Powder Blush Small Vanity/Easy Manner/I’m The One RM82

Shades range from peach, pink to tan. 

Fluidlines Catch My Eye/Little Black Bow/Feminine Edge RM75

Of the 3 shades, I rather like Feminine Edge because the pink with dazzle pearl can be added on top of darker eyeliner shades for contrast.

Nail Lacquers Endless Night, Girl Trouble, Black Shimmer, In The Limelight RM45

The outstanding shades are Girl Trouble (super glitter pink) and In The Limelight (mid-tone creamy mint).

Lipstick Dramatic Encounter/Beauty/Glamourdaze/Innocence/Outrageously Fun RM72

My favourite of the 5 shades is Glamour Daze which is creamy plum in cremesheen texture.

Lipglass Talk Softly To Me/Deliciously Demure/Flight Of Fancy/Impossibly Sweet/Pink Fade RM72

All the lipglasses have pink undertones save for Flight Of Fancy which is a rich purple shade.

Extra Dimension Eye Shadows Tall, Dark & Handsome/Ready To Party/Round Midnight/Divine Blue RM76

Extra Dimension Eye Shadows Evening Grey/Stylishly Merry/A Natural Flirt/Stolen Moment RM76

These are mostly dark shades save for Ready To Party (pale lilac) and A Natural Flirt (soft peachy nude). The shade that tempts me the most is Divine Blue.

Kohl Power Eye Pencils Raven/Feline/Orpheus/Mystery RM68

All black shades with different shades of pearl.

Hanging Travel Bag RM135

Now this I really, really like and am seriously considering acquiring because I think it’s handy to bring along on trips. It’s the Hanging Travel Bag. You can pack up all your makeup and brushes and travel in chic style. The exterior is satin covered in an exotic leopard print plastic and the interior is lined with satin covered in lace print plastic. It features a hook hanger and black ribbon tie. It unfolds to  reveal three zippered pockets and two small pockets with snap closures. Measures 12″ x 18″ open.