Only The Best For My Furkids So Naturally They Get Doggy Bag



This year’s Valentine’s Day was memorable for the wrong reasons. One of my furkids gave me a health scare when she suddenly had mobility issues due to old age. Of course it was inevitable but it was hard to accept a usually cheerful and active dog being unable to move an inch and when she tried to stand up with assistance from her human, it was a struggle. How it pained me to watch her walk or attempt to walk.

The night before I brought her to the vet, I had 2 hours’ sleep as I was constantly woken up by her whining, she was in some pain. Now that she is on glucosamine tablets and painkillers, I feel much better and hopefully, so does she. If we truly love our dogs, we will feel their pain and discomfort. We will all get old some day and some of us might be arthritic too.



Then last week, I was listening to BFM and caught part of the interview with Doggy Bag Malaysia founders, Sara Lo and Sazly Marhusin. They started Doggy Bag in 2011 (I’d read about them before in one of the print media publications) and they produce fresh, natural, nutritious and balanced dog food which is manufactured from 100% food grade ingredients.

I ordered their trial pack which comes in 2 x 200g of these 4 flavours:-

BEEF and CARROTS: A moo-ving masterpiece of real beef chunks and brown rice, crisp carrots, tender spinach and sunflower seeds.

CHICKEN and PUMPKIN: Farm-tastically flavourful minced chicken breast and brown rice, golden pumpkin and broccoli.

MEAT and TWO VEG: A sumptuous symphony of real beef and chicken breast, brown rice, crunchy cabbage and dhal.

SUNDAY ROAST: A festival of real beef, mutton and chicken morsels, perky peas and roasted sweet potatoes.

All the above flavours come with eggs, a delicate balance of herbs, cooked in their secret meaty broth and topped off with the exact amount of multi-vitamins and minerals. They also have another flavor – Beef Bolognese – which is not available as part of the trial pack.

Doggy Bag only uses food fit for human consumption, and easily-identifiable fresh ingredients like beef, pumpkin, peas and sunflower seeds–never unidentifiable animal digests or meat by-products. They use no salt, no additives and only one preservative: a refrigerator.

Their recipes are all home-cooked, with select raw elements including carrots, peas and spinach. Other ingredients, such as sweet potatoes and organ meat, are baked instead. Their meats are cooked following scientific methods to lock in their maximum nutrition, and their juices are used to flavor our brown rice. Their special blend of herbs and spices adds that final healthy, tasty touch.

When I opened each of the tubs, they smelled good enough for human consumption. How can my furkids not love this new food? They might be so hooked on them that they never want to go back to anything else. I am going to start them on this new diet tomorrow and I am so tempted to arrange the tubs all in a row and let them go for it just like a buffet line.