Same Old Scam Every Time


dsc_0388When I received this sms this morning, my first thought was “Here we go again”! This isn’t the first time I have received this type of sms. In fact, I receive these quite frequently. So many things can be improved on though if these people want to make their sms more genuine/legit. Firstly if it was the real thing, it should be from a 5-digit number and not a handphone number. I mean seriously, since when do banks send confirmations from a handphone number?

Of course they always assume the recipient may have a Maybank or CIMB credit card since these are the 2 most popular banks in Malaysia. The sms was sent at 09 : 04. I doubt any Lazo Diamond outlet would have been open at that time unless the customer was a VVIP or a celebrated big spender.

Want to send this kind of sms, then please ensure the English is correct also. “For enquirers”? Don’t they mean “For enquiries”? If you can’t even get that right, how to be scared silly that my credit card (if indeed I have one with CIMB) has just been used at Lazo Diamond?