Ogawa Smart Sento Home Spa Massage Chair



It was an afternoon of absolute bliss as I tried one Ogawa massage chair after another. Nothing like a good massage to rejuvenate the senses and recharge the body and for those too busy to have regular spa sessions, a massage chair like Ogawa Smart Sento Home Spa Massage Chair is a good alternative.

With this chair, you can choose between 3 therapeutic massage techniques:-

  1. Thai
  2. Chinese
  3. Japanese

The Ogawa Smart Sento Home Spa Massage Chair is so relaxing as you lie back and let the chair work its magic. It’s integrated with Quad Heads, which uses twin rollers to mimic the feel of the human thumbs and stimulate vital acupuncture points. These firmer and deeper rollers have a 3D protrusion of up to 50mm, a new design that enhances your massage.

The chair is equipped with heated airbags located at the back, thigh and calf areas. Your body is gently cradled with the new generation Zero Gravity, also known as the healthiest reclining position. Zero Gravity lets your body feel weightless by taking the stress off your spine.

 With its new inversion therapy, it fits your body upside down so that your feet are positioned higher than your head. It is said that spending 5-10 minutes in this position is as beneficial as 2 hours of sleep. Benefits of upside down therapy include improving blood flow, reducing hair loss, improving posture, alleviating stress and fatigue, decompressing spinal discs, supplying oxygen to the brain and increasing mental alertness.

What a chair! I wish I had this one as I felt like all the pains and aches in my back had been alleviated after a 20 minute session. This is really similar to a spa session and I can imagine myself sleeping in this comfortably.