Official Opening Of The Harmony – International BBQ Musical Festival 2023 And Aspiration Ceremony In Celebration Of National Month 2023 Organized By GEMBOX@NILAI And NEGERIFM


GEMBOX@NILAI hosted the official opening ceremony for the Harmony – International BBQ Musical Festival 2023, which spans three weeks from August 26 to September 17, 2023. The event also included the Merdeka Aspiration Ceremony, fully supported by NEGERIFM from RTM Negeri Sembilan.

The ceremony was inaugurated by YTM Tunku Syed Razman bin Tunku Syed Idrus Al-Qadri, Tunku Besar Tampin, who is also the Chairman of GEMBOX. Among the dignitaries present were YB Tuan Arul, Exco of the Negeri Sembilan State Government, Dato’ Masri Bin Haji Razali, the Mayor of Seremban City Council, Puan Suhana, Director of RTM Negeri Sembilan, Dato’ Sri Yeat Sew Chuong, and senior management from GD Holdings and Gembox.

The organization of the Harmony BBQ Festival is an initiative created by GEMBOX@NILAI to offer a unique and special BBQ experience to visitors and customers. The primary goal of this event is to attract local and international tourists to Negeri Sembilan and GEMBOX@NILAI. By promoting this BBQ festival as a major attraction, it is set to establish GEMBOX@NILAI as a vibrant destination for gastronomic tourism, encouraging visitors to explore the various attractions and unique experiences offered by GEMBOX@NILAI.

GEMBOX@NILAI features a wide range of cultural, traditional, and trendy products from 13 states in Malaysia. Visitors can also experience an environment rich in Malaysian flavors. In addition, this BBQ festival will have a positive impact on the local economy by attracting visitors, generating income for local entrepreneurs, and promoting Malaysian artists and products.

Some of the exciting activities and entertainment arranged during the BBQ Festival include BBQ Showcases, Musical Performances, Mini Bazaars, Heritage Sports Games, Pound Batik and ZumBatik, Patriotic Karaoke Song Competition, Coloring Activities and Competitions, Auto Show Exhibitions, Mini Concerts, Merdeka Eve Concert, Malaysia Day Celebration Concert and Fireworks Displays.

For the Xpresi Merdeka Countdown for Merdeka Eve organized by NEGERIFM, various activities have been planned, including performances by local talents from Negeri Sembilan, such as Nubhan, Ito Blues Gang, Erin CTJ, and a pantomime performance by the Negeri Sembilan Theater Enthusiasts Club as well as an exhilarating 66-minute non-stop Zumba Color of Malaysia session. This Xpresi Merdeka Night is hosted by Nen Tebabo and Ain Sufia.

In line with the concept of the Largest First Cultural Night Market in Malaysia, GEMBOX believes that the Harmony – International BBQ Musical Festival 2023 will receive a warm reception and create a new phenomenon in Negeri Sembilan and Malaysia. BBQ enthusiasts will undoubtedly not miss the opportunity to visit GEMBOX to enjoy over 20 types of delicious and mouthwatering BBQ dishes.

GEMBOX@NILAI hopes that the Harmony – International BBQ Musical Festival 2023 will benefit the local community and those involved in food gastronomy tourism, heritage arts, and culture. It is anticipated that this initiative will elevate Seremban City and Negeri Sembilan to a higher level and become a preferred destination for both local and international tourists.