NYX ‘Revenge Is Infinite’ Palette



Since the very 1st episode of “Revenge”, I have been hooked by the shenanigans of the protagonists, ridiculous and far-fetched as the plot may have been. My friend and I enjoyed going over the latest episodes and pointing out the absurdities in each episode such as how could Emily have excused herself so often from her fiancé, Daniel every time she took a call without arousing his suspicion? If my partner excused himself that often, believe me, I would be checking his phone records and hacking into his email account. Moreover, can someone please explain how Emily can move corpses to the morgue with apparent ease all by herself and without arousing suspicion. She can also break into any facility, be it a hospital admin room or city hall to steal some records. At one point, I thought she might even appear in my house since she can materialize anywhere at any time. In a nutshell, so much didn’t make sense and yet I admit I was hooked to every episode!

I could review all 3 seasons of “Revenge” but this isn’t about the series. It’s about the NYX palette inspired by the series or rather inspired by Emily and her No. 1 enemy, Victoria. The palette looks like the secret box belonging to Emily in which she keeps old photos and stuff she wants hidden from everyone. I happened to come across the palette during my rare visit to Sephora recently and couldn’t resist swatching the eyeshadows and blushers.


Eyeshadow swatches


Blush swatches

There are 10 eyeshadows in shimmer, pearl and matte shades and I can’t tell which is which as colour pay-off is below average. I think I would be better off using drugstore eyeshadows which have more pigments. The blushers/bronzer don’t seem to be any better either.

NYX ‘Revenge Is Infinite’ Palette is RM104.