It’s Not Okay To Say Okay At The End Of Every Sentence


not-okayOver the course of these few years of blogging, I’ve listened to some cringe-worthy speeches, the ones which are most memorable for the wrong reasons like adding “s” to every word to make it plural and that is another topic for another day. A few days ago, I attended a 2-hour media event and a quarter of the time (half an hour) was taken up by one speaker (the last speaker) who talked about how successful he was.

From the get go, I was squirming in my seat wanting to leave because after every sentence, he’d say “okay”. It’s fine if he’d said it a few times but after every sentence, he’d utter “okay” which irritated me. I wonder if it’s his habit to punctuate every sentence with “okay” even during casual conversation or whether he only does this when he is speaking publicly. In any case, I don’t think it is okay to say “okay” after every single sentence. Why is it necessary? To drive home the point?