Nivea Sparkling White Whitening Acne Oil Control Foam



Since I don’t have extra large pores or oily skin, I’m not the best guinea pig for this cleanser but I used it anyway. Nivea products are relatively inexpensive and you do get value for your money. What’s unique about this cleanser? The product description states that it has 2x smaller molecule foam and deeply cleanses at deep pore level to target 5 impurities – sebum, dirt, bacteria, dead skin cells, cosmetics and bacteria.

I don’t have the molecule measuring device so I can’t confirm whether the molecules look smaller. It foams up easily and there is a lot of foam with just a small amount of cleanser. It doesn’t remove all my make-up unless I massage the cleanser directly on my skin instead of creating a lather on my palm first. In any case, I do think it’s more suitable for use when I wake up in the morning than an evening cleanser.



It’s definitely more suitable for oily skins as it feels a bit drying on my skin. When I spotted it at Guardian, it was at the discounted price of RM13.50 so I presume it’s around RM15 when it’s not on discount?

Product is a press sample from Guardian Pharmacy.


  1. I’ve tried this before. It made my skin very dry and itchy. Not suitable for sensitive skin. But my face feels cleanse after the wash.