Next On My Beauty Bucket List Is APRILSKIN Turn-Up Color Treatment


dsc_2507You might want to change your hair colour regularly like me or want a bold hair colour just for a few weeks. I think that temporary hair colours are a great idea as you might get bored of having the same colour for months. I came across APRILSKIN Turn-Up Color Treatment at Guardian. There are two shades, pink and purple and the purple seems to be selling better than the pink. I would also go for the purple. Results are more vibrant if hair is bleached.

According to the instructions, it is left on hair for 20 minutes. This is a commitment-free, damage-free temporary coloring which leaves hair with a silky-smooth hair texture and fruity scent. The color naturally fades after 10-12 washes. Benefit is damage-free hair coloring as pigments don’t penetrate inside a cuticle. Main ingredients are rosemary extract, lavender extract, sage extract and jojoba seed oil.