Nesti Dante Soaps Smell So Divine


dsc_6012Thanks to this box of six beautifully packaged and scented Nesti Dante Soaps received from Frenshi Malaysia two days ago, my room smells divine. The scent is stronger and better than from reed diffusers, scented candles and the like. Nesti Dante soaps are artisan soaps from Florence, Italy.

The production of Nesti Dante soaps seems like an arduous, labour-intensive, time-consuming process as it strictly follows the traditional process of boiling in a cauldron (with a capacity of 70 to 120 thousand litres), which takes several days and the continual assistance, including manual, of master soapmakers and perfumers, who can monitor the various stages of the processes (saponification, washing, liquidation, decantation and extraction from special vacuum driers).

These soaps make the most amazing gift. I could smell the soaps even before I opened the courier envelope. Will be posting reviews of the soaps in due course.